Maintenance; Firmware Update; Resetting To Factory Default Settings - Bosch PAVIRO PVA-2P500 Operation Manual

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PAVIRO Amplifier



Firmware update

IRIS-Net can be used to update the firmware on the device. Depending on the CAN data rate
used, the update will take one or more minutes to complete. Since development work is
always being performed in relation to all system software, it may be necessary to update the
firmware on the controller. Any software incompatibilities are displayed in IRIS-Net. For more
information on firmware updates, please refer to the IRIS-Net documentation.

Resetting to factory default settings

The device is programmed in the factory with the following functions and properties:
CAN baud rate
Input routing
Output relays
Table 9.1: Device factory default settings
The device settings can be reset to the default values manually or using IRIS-Net. To perform a
manual reset, perform the following steps with the device switched on:
The device has now been reset to the factory default settings.
Before reconnecting the device to the CAN BUS, note the CAN baud rate, which may change
under certain circumstances.
Disconnect the device from the CAN BUS.
Set the address to "00" using the CAN ADDRESS selector switch on the rear panel.
Press the Recessed button on the front panel and keep the button pressed down for
three seconds.
10 kbit/s
Line input L1 to CH 1
Line input L2 to CH 2
Line input 4 to CH 1 and CH 2 (in stand-alone mode)
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents