Audio Output - Bosch PAVIRO PVA-2P500 Operation Manual

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Figure 6.3: Unbalanced cabling

Audio output

The audio outputs on the device are galvanically insulated and are constantly monitored for
ground fault. For each output channel there are 6 pins, two pins for 0V, two pins for 70V and
two pins for 100V speaker lines. The delivery for the device includes 6-pole connectors.
Conductor cross-sections of 0.14 mm² (AWG26) to 1.5 mm² (AWG16) can be used.
Recommended connecting cable: flexible CU strand, LiY, 0.75 mm².
For ease of installation, the connector can be removed. With regard to the maximum number
of speakers that can be connected, speakers can be connected until the point at which the
total power consumption of the speaker network corresponds to the nominal power value of
the output stage, where the rated load resistance of the output stage outputs is not to be
exceeded. The nominal power values and the rated load resistances of the outputs can be
found in the section entitled Technical data.
Conductor cross-section
The maximum voltage drop must be less than 10% to avoid alarm signal attenuation and
ensure a sufficient signal level of the pilot tone for (optional) EOL modules.
Do not use 70V and 100V outputs simultaneously.
It is possible that during operation shock hazard voltages (> 140 V peak value) may be present
at the outputs. Therefore, the connected loudspeaker zones have to be installed in accordance
with applicable safety regulations. When installing and operating 100 V loudspeaker networks,
compliance with the VDE regulation DIN VDE 0800 is mandatory. Especially, when 100 V
loudspeaker networks in alarm system applications are concerned, all safety precautions have
to be in accordance with the safety class 3 standard.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents