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Use In Accordance With The Intended Purpose; Personnel Selection And Qualification; Design Changes And Electrical Installation - Bosch Rexroth VT-VSPD Series Installation And Operation Manual

Digital valve amplifier


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RE 30523-B/09.13 | Installation and operation

Use in accordance with the intended purpose

Personnel Selection and Qualification

Operating and Startup
Repair and troubleshooting

Design Changes and Electrical Installation

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The VSPD controller card is designed for the open and closed-loop control of electro-
mechanical and electrohydraulic drives.
Possible fields of application are:
Proportional directional valves without feedback
Pressure control valves
Use in accordance with the intended purpose also includes the observance of these
instructions, accompanying documentation and the compliance with regulations for
the prevention of accidents valid at the place of operation.
Operation and startup of the VSPD controller card requires specialized skills. There-
fore this work should be performed only by properly trained individuals.
Only persons who are trained or properly instructed should start up and operate the
VSPD controller card. Additionally the oversight of a qualified supervisor may be
Personnel are considered qualified if they are familiar with the installation, startup and
operation of the VSPD controller card, and with all the warning notes and safety regu-
lations contained in the accompanying documentation.
Work on the electrical equipment must be performed only by qualified special-
ists or by personnel appropriately instructed and under the supervision and
guidance of persons qualified and familiar with electrical safety standards.
An electrical specialist is someone who, based on his technical knowledge and train-
ing, as well as knowledge of the relevant standards, is able to evaluate the tasks as-
signed to him, recognize potential hazards and take the appropriate safety measures.
Repair and troubleshooting requires specialized skills. Therefore, this work should be
performed only by trained and designated specialists.
User changes to the VSPD controller card may result in safety hazards.
Note the following recommendations on electrical installation:
Use low-capacitance cables. Make cable connections without intermediate con-
nections whenever possible.
Control electronics should be isolated from electromagnetic noise sources (IE:
V/F drives).
Power wiring should not be routed in the vicinity of control electronics.
Power wiring should not be routed in the vicinity of control wiring or cables.
Route sensor lines separately.
Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from antenna lines, RF devices and radio
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Installing the VSPD 2


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