Instructions and Operating Instructions
3610 & 3640
EN 13240 · 73,3% Efficiency
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  • Page 1 Instructions and Operating Instructions 3610 & 3640 EN 13240 · 73,3% Efficiency MORSØ JERNSTØBERI A/S . DK-7900 NYKØBING MORS MORSØ JERNSTØBERI A/S . DK-7900 NYKØBING MORS E-Mail: · Website: E-Mail: · Website:
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Enjoy your new Morsø stove! Morsø, the largest stove manufacturer in Den- mark, has been making cast-iron stoves of the highest quality since 1853. By carefully following the instructions below, we are certain that you will enjoy many years of comfortable warm from your new Morsø...
  • Page 3: Installing Your Morsø Stove Page

    The stove is heavy and therefore it is strongly recommended that when lifting, iti is undertaken by two people. Morsø 3610 weighs 199 kg. Morsø 3640 weighs 09 kg. 1.2 Installing the stove The stove and chimney installations MUST comply to all current National and Local Build- ing Regulations;...
  • Page 4: The Chimney

    On the Floor National and Local Building Regulations must again be observed when considering the type, thickness and area of the hearth to be used in the installation. The hearth temperature under safety test was less than 55°C. One should of course always make certain that the underlying floor surface can bear the weight of the stove.
  • Page 5: Pipe Connections

    1.6 Fluepipe connections Morsø 3610 & 3640 are supplied with a factory fitted flue collar (1), this is fitted to the top plate. A round cast iron blanking plate () covers the rear flue outlet (behind the rear heat shield).
  • Page 6: Connecting To A Masonry Chimney

    1.7 Connecting the stove to a masonry chimney A wall sleeve should be bricked securely into the wall of the chimney at the appropriate height and the stovepipe inserted centrally. The pipe must not extend into the actual chimney open- ing, but rather must reach only to the inside of the chimney aperture.
  • Page 7: Draft Conditions

    1.9 Draft conditions If smoke spillage occurs when the fire door is opened, it is probably due to poor chimney draft. This type of stove requires at least 1 pa of chimney draft to achieve satisfactory com- bustion and smoke spillage prevention. However, in cases where the stove door is opened too vigorously you could expect that slight smoke spillage may occur.
  • Page 8: Firing The Stove

    When the handle is removed, the stove is more childproof. Morsø 3610 and 3640 are large stoves. A certain amount of expansion noise should therefore be expected during combustion in connection with heating and cooling. The stove’s rated heat output is 9 kW.
  • Page 9: Lighting Instructions And Fuelling Intervals

    2.1 Lighting and fuelling intervals A lot of air is needed when lighting the stove. If you are starting with a totally cold stove, it may be helpful to leave the door ajar during the first few minutes and open the air supply all the way.
  • Page 10 5. Normal reloading should be done while there are still coals left. Spread the coals over the bottom but con- centrated mostly at the front of the stove. 6. Place a piece of wood across the coals in one layer, with spacing of roughtly 1 cm between the logs.
  • Page 11 The stove door should normally be opened gently the first  - 3 centimetres, then you should wait until the pressure has equalised before opening the door all the way. This technique will prevent smoke from getting out, particularly when there is a poor draught The stove door should never be opened when the stove is being fired vigorously.
  • Page 12: Routine Stove Maintenance

    3.0 Routine stove maintenance 3.1 External maintenance The surface of the stove is painted with heat-resistant Senotherm paint. If the stove is used too vigorously, the painted surface may take-on a greyish tinge. It is easily maintained by sim- ply vacuuming the surface with a soft brush attachment and applying two light layers of paint. Morsø...
  • Page 13: Cleaning The Stove

    Gaskets The rope gaskets in the door will need regular inspection in order to ensure and maintain full control of your stove’s burning rate; over time the rope gaskets will harden and will become less airtight, at this point you will need to remove and replace will new. Use only the genuine Morsø...
  • Page 16 Morsø Jernstøberi A/S - 03.10.006 - 7361800 MORSØ JERNSTØBERI A/S . DK-7900 NYKØBING MORS E-Mail: · Website:

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