Fitting The Power Cable To The Screen; Powering On The Screen - NEC 5508N User Instructions

55 inch led screen with built-in embedded pc
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Fitting the mains input cable to the screen
The chosen mains input lead should be fitted before mounting the screen on the wall.
The cable can be lead out down the side of the screen.

Powering on the screen

To start the screen, press the black switch forward, (
pressed, wait a few moments for a second click, the Embedded PC computer and the screen will
No further user intervention should be necessary, as the screen is shipped in a configuration such
that the artwork animation will start operating automatically, after a short period as soon as the
PC computer has completed its initialisation.
See Trouble Shooting Guide if artwork animation fails to start operating. (See page 10)
P:\WINWORD\user instruction manual for ScreenFoCS 5508N 55 inch LED screen with trouble shooting NEC
Press the BLACK
switch forward to
switch on (
Press backwards
to turn off ( 0 )
) a click will indicate the switch has been
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents