Powering Off The Screen; Removing Mains Power From The Screen; Usb Ports - NEC 5508N User Instructions

55 inch led screen with built-in embedded pc
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Powering off the screen

Wait until after the artwork is running, press the black switch backwards, ( 0 ) a click will
indicate the switch has been pressed, the PC will shut down, and the screen LED panel will go
If the PC is still initialising, wait until the artwork is running before switching off.

Removing Mains Power from the Screen

Do not remove Mains Power from the Screen except when the unit is shut down.
Once switched off, the mains can be switched off and unplugged.

USB Ports

There are 2 USB ports, for technical maintenance purposes only just below the speaker, located
at the top left corner in portrait ("vertical") orientation, and bottom left in landscape
("horizontal") orientation.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents