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55 inch led screen with built-in embedded pc
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Other Countries

This product is suitable for operation with a 115-230VAC mains supply. Most other countries
have either 220-240 VAC supplies or 115-120 VAC supplies. For further advice please
contact Torch Computers Ltd at sales@torchcomputers.co.uk.
For countries with 220-240 VAC supplies, but which use neither the UK plug nor the European
(Schuco) plug, the user should obtain a professionally-made power cable with the local plug at
one end and the IEC type C13 socket at the other, which can then be used in place of the 220-
240 cables supplied.
Countries with 115-120 VAC supplies often use the USA type plug, in which case the type
USA cable supplied can be used. (See page 4)
Extension Cables
In addition, an extension 5 metre white mains cable is provided
Type 115-230 VAC
This has an IEC type C13 right angle socket at one end and an IEC type C14 plug at the other.
P:\WINWORD\user instruction manual for ScreenFoCS 5508N 55 inch LED screen with trouble shooting NEC
IEC type C13 socket
USA type plug
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents