Accessing The Computer; Trouble Shooting Guide - NEC 5508N User Instructions

55 inch led screen with built-in embedded pc
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Trouble Shooting Guide

Failure to power on
Plug fuse (UK only)
First check the mains input is switched to the on position, (0 off
on) next check the mains input
supply. You can do this by plugging an appliance, such as a lamp, that is know to work, into the
socket (wall outlet) used by the screen. If you are satisfied that the socket is live, and if you are
in the UK, check the plug fuse. This can be done by changing the fuse. Be sure to fit a 5 amp
Next check that the embedded PC (which is located behind the speaker) green power light comes
on, with a flashing amber light to the right of the green one, when the mains input switch is
switched on, the PC is located at the top of the screen in portrait orientation or left hand side in
landscape orientation. (see page 11)
The mains input connector with a right angle plug, is located in the centre of the screen just
below the mains on/off switch, in portrait orientation or bottom centre in landscape orientation.

Accessing the Computer

The Embedded PC computer can be accessed by removing the top speaker, in portrait orientation
or left hand side in landscape orientation.
USB ports for Maintenance use only
First remove the speaker by removing the four fixing screws; there are two black screws at each
end of the speaker brackets.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents