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55 inch led screen with built-in embedded pc
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It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that the screws used for portrait and
landscape, and the wall to which the screen is attached are capable of holding the screen
safely. The screen weighs about 45kg – the fixings should be rated at least three times that
value, i.e. the wall and the screws should be able to withstand 135 kg load.
When the bracket is securely fixed to the wall, using all fixing points, the screen can be hung
upon it, using at least two people to lift it. Locate the support flange into the slot, and lower the
screen slightly and ensure that the support flange has located correctly in the slot within the
screen. Do not release your hold on the screen until you are sure that the flange is firmly in the
slot and that the weight of the screen has been taken by the bracket.
Supporting flange
Spirit level
Adjustment screw fixing slots
If the screen is not exactly level, use the supplied spirit level to make levelling adjustment.
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Page 9


Table of Contents

Table of Contents