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Adapting To The Different Types Of Gas - Whirlpool AKC7250 C/BLM Instructions For Use Manual

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Adapting to the different types of gas

Changing the nozzles
Remove the pan standee.
2) Remove the burner caps and flame caps from the burners.
3) Use a size 7 socket wrench to unscrew and remove the
nozzles, replacing them with those corresponding to the
type of gas to be used (see the table ).
4) Reassemble the parts, reversing the operations described
5) Then replace the setting data (close to the mains gas
connection)with the one for the new type of gas if the pressure of the gas used is
different from that specified(or variable) a suitable piped gas pressure regulator
complying with the standard must be installed on the supply pipeline.
Setting the minimum level
1) Light the burner as already described.
2) Turn the tap to the minimum flame position.
3) Remove the control knobs.
4) Use a thin straight screwdriver to turn the by-pass pin located
next to the tap rod (see fig. B).For LPG, turn the by-pass pin
fully clockwise.
The result should be a small, homogeneous flame which is
uniform around the entire burner ring. For the dual Triple
Flame version see fig. A. by-pass 1 central burner, by-pass 2
both burners.
5) Finally, check that the burner does not go out when the tap is
turned quickly from the maximum to the minimum position.



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