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Service And Parts - Whirlpool AKC7250 C/BLM Instructions For Use Manual

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If you use an electrical socket close to this appliance, take care that the cables of the
appliances you are using are far away from the hot parts of this appliance.
Children's safety
This appliance must only be used by adults. Make sure that children do not touch
the controls or play with the appliance.
The exposed parts of this appliance heat up during cooking and remain hot for some
time even after it is switched off. Keep children well away until the appliance has
cooled down.
Cleaning and maintenance
Keep the appliance thoroughly cleaned. Food residues may cause fire risks.

Service and parts

In the instance of malfunctions, never attempt to repair the appliance by yourself.
Repairs by unskilled persons may cause damage and accidents. First refer to the
contents of this manual. If you do not find the necessary information, contact your
nearest Service Centre. Servicing work on this appliance must be carried out by an
authorized Technical Service Centre. Always request the use of original spare
Environmental protection advice
All the materials used are environmentally compatible and recyclable. Please make
your contribution to conserving the environment by using the separate waste
collection channels available.
Decommissioned appliances
Appliances which are no longer used or usable are not worthless waste. Through
environment-friendly disposal, a number of materials used in the production of
your appliance can be recovered.
Find out about the current disposal options from your specialist dealer, or your
local authority.
Before scrapping the appliances, cut the power supply lead and make it unusable.



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