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Description Of The Hob; Instructions For Use - Whirlpool AKC7250 C/BLM Instructions For Use Manual

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Description of the hob

Fig. 1
Fig. 2

Instructions for use

The hob control knobs
The symbols on the control knobs mean the following:
no gas flow
maximum gas flow
minimum gas flow
All operating positions must be set between the maximum and minimum flow
settings and never between the maximum setting and the closed position.
1. Hob
2. Semi-rapid burner*
3. High power burner
4. Burner control knobs
* Applicable to AKC9350 C/IX & AKC9350 C/BL only.
A: Enameled inner cap
B: High power burner inner copper coil
C: Enameled outer cap
D: High power burner outer copper coil
E: High power burner aluminum cover
F: Thermocouple
G: Spark pin
H: High power burner
I: Enameled semi-rapid burner cap
J: Semi-rapid burner copper coil
K:Semi-rapid burner aluminum cover
L: Semi-rapid burner



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