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Cleaning And Maintenance - Whirlpool AKC7250 C/BLM Instructions For Use Manual

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Cleaning and maintenance

Before each operation, disconnect the appliance from the electrical mains and allow it
to cool down.
General cleaning
Wash the flame caps and burner caps often with boiling water and detergent, taking
care to remove all deposits.
The hob pan stands can also be washed in a dishwasher.
For stubborn dirt, use ordinary non-abrasive detergents or specific commercial
products. We strongly advise you not to use scouring pads, steel wool or acids for
Clean the hob regularly with a soft cloth wet with lukewarm water and a little liquid
detergent. Do not use the following products:
- household detergents or bleaches;
- soaped scouring pads not suitable for non-stick utensils;
- steel wool scouring pads;
- stain removers for baths or sinks.
If the hob gets very dirty, use specific commercial products.
Ignition plug
Automatic burner ignition is provided (when installed) by a ceramic "plug" and a
metal electrode (G in fig.2). Periodically clean these parts of the hob thoroughly. In
addition, to avoid ignition difficulties, check that the cavities in the burner are not
To remove deposits from the burner cavities,
remove the cap and separate the two parts
(see diagram on the right). After cleaning,
put the two parts back together and return
them correctly to their position. After washing,
replace the hob pan stands, checking that they
are correctly positioned.
Fig. 3



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