Room Thermostat (Option); Temperature Control; Manual Adjustment; Self-Adaptation - Fujitsu AOYA18LALL Installation And Operating Manual

Heat pump air/water split single service
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Heat pump, Split, single service

Room thermostat (Option)

Selecting the heating regime
Digital display
Control knob
Presence key

Temperature control

The heat pump's operation is subject to the
temperature control.
The set temperature for the water in the heating
circuit is adjusted according to the outside
T h e t e m p e r a t u r e c o n t r o l m a y b e c h o s e n
automatically by the machine (self-adaptation) or set
manually by the installer (Parameters 720, 721 and
If there are thermostatic valves on the installation,
these must be fully open or adjusted for higher than
the normal set temperature.

Manual adjustment

During installation, the temperature control must be
parametered according to the heat emitters and the
dwelling's insulation.
The temperature control' curves (Fig. 41) refer to an
ambient setting of 20°C.
The slope of the temperature control (parameter
720) determines the impact of the variations in the
o u t s i d e t e m p e r a t u r e o n t h e i n i t i a l h e a t i n g
temperature variations.
The higher the slope, the more a slight reduction in
the outside temperature causes a significant
increase in the initial water temperature in the
heating circuit.
Figure 40 - Room thermostat (option)
- Definitions
Heating operating according to the heating programme
(Summer/winter mode switchover is automatic).
Constant comfort temperature.
Constant reduced temperature.
Stand-by regime with anti-frost protection (Provided that
the heat pump's electrical power supply is not interrupted).
- Operating control. Readout of the current temperature, of the
heating regime and of any faults
- Adjusting the ambient temperature setpoint
- Comfort / Reduced switchover
The off-set in the temperature control (parameter
721) alters the initial temperature of all the curves,
without altering the slope (Fig. 42).
T h e c o r r e c t i v e a c t i o n s i n t h e c a s e o f a n y
inconvenience are detailed in the table (Figure 43).


When this function is active (parameter 726), the
temperature control are automatically adjusted; it is
therefore futile to alter the slope or the off-set in the
temperature control (parameters 720 and 721).
When this function is first activated, the end user
may experience some inconvenience for a few days.
This period of no more than a week is required by the
regulator to determine the slope and off-set in the
temperature control.
We advise against changing the temperature
settings during this period.
The following instructions must be observed for the
self-adaptation system to operate correctly:
- A room thermostat must be connected.
- The influence of the ambient temperature"
(parameter 750) must be set between 1 and 100%.
- Depending on the installation, the room thermostat
may have a greater or lesser influence on the
temperature control.
- The room in which the room thermostat is installed
must not contain any thermostatic valves. If this is
the case, the valves must be open fully.
Installation and operating manual "1350-EN"

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents