Start-Up; Configuring The Room Thermostat; Configuring Remote Control - Fujitsu AOYA18LALL Installation And Operating Manual

Heat pump air/water split single service
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Heat pump, Split, single service
Installation equipped with two room thermostats
- Connect each of the sensors to one of the CL+ or
CL- terminals on the heat pump control board
(fig. 38, p. 29) using the connector supplied.
Installation equipped with a room thermostat and a
remote control
- Connect the sensor to one of the CL+ or CL-
terminals on the heat pump control board (fig. 38,
p. 29).
- Connect the remote control to the other CL+, CL-
terminals and to G+.

2.12 Start-up

- Close the installation's main circuit breaker.
On first commissioning (or in winter), in order to allow
the compressor to pre-heat, engage the installation's
main circuit breaker (power supply to the outside
unit) some hours before starting up the tests.
- Engage the heat pump's ON/OFF button.
When the power is switched on and every time that
the ON/OFF button is switched off and then switched
on again, the outside unit will take approximately 4
minutes to start up, even if the setting is requesting
- Make all the specific adjustments to the setting
(configuring the installation).
- Press the key
- Hold down the key
access used with the aid of the knob
- Confirm with the key
- Parameter the heat pump's setting
- Consult the settings' list (page 34).
On commissioning (or the case of error 10), the
electrical backup heaters are liable to start up even if
the outside temperature at the time is above the
heaters' trigger temperature.
The regulating system uses an average initial
outside temperature of 0°C and requires some time
to update this temperature.
To mitigate this situation, the sensor must be
connected correctly. Re-initialise parameter 8703
(implementation level, consumer diagnostic menu).
for 3s and select the level of

2.13 Configuring the room thermostat

Room thermostat
To configure the room thermostat and connect it to
the appropriate heating zone:
- Hold down the presence key for more than 3
seconds. The room thermostat displays RU and a
number flashes.
- Turn the wheel to choose the zone (1, 2).
If the installation is fitted with 2 room
- First connect one room thermostat and
configure it in zone 2
- Then connect the other room thermostat
and configure it as default in zone 1.
- Hold down the presence key; the room thermostat
displays P1 and a flashing number.
1: Automatic recording: a correction of the setting
with the button is adopted without any particular
confirmation (timeout) or by pressing the regime
2: Recording with confirmation: a correction of the
setting with the button is not adopted until the
regime key is pressed.
- Press the presence key again; the room thermostat
displays P2 and a flashing number.
0: OFF: all the operating elements are engaged.
1: ON; the following operating elements are locked:
Switching over the heating circuit's operating mode
Adjusting the comfort setting
Changing the operating level
The room thermostat displays OFF for 3 seconds
when a locked button is pressed.

2.14 Configuring remote control

Remote control
During commissioning, after an initialisation period
of approx. 3 minutes, the user's language must be
Press the key "OK"
Choose menu "Bedieneinheit"
Choose language (Sprache)
Select the language (english, français, nederlands,
español, etc)
Installation and operating manual "1350-EN"

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents