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Heat pump air/water split single service
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Heat pump, Split, single service
Configuration 1, 2, 3 or 4:

heat pumps with electric back-ups

Parameter 5700
Configuration 1 : 1 heating circuit (See Figure page 48)
Configuration 2 : 1 heating circuit and DHW tank. (See Figure page 49)
Configuration 3 : 2 heating circuits (See Figure page 50)
Configuration 4 : 2 heating circuits and DHW tank. (See Figure page 51)
DHW tank control (with electrical back-up) requires
the use of the DWH kit.
The control of 2 heating circuits requires the
installation of the 2nd circuit.

Hydraulic connections

In the case of a mixed DHW tank
Install the directional valve on the heating circuit (on
circuit 2 if it exists).
In the case of 2 heating circuits
With the 2nd circuit kit, the hydraulic module's
circulation pump (CC1) must be moved and installed
in a box of the 2nd circuit kit (CC1).
Electrical connections
1 - Power supply to outside unit
Please refer to section (Electrical connections on
the outside unit side page 26).
2 - Interconnection between the outside unit and the
hydraulic module (See fig. 37, p. 28).
3 - Power supply to the electrical back-ups:
- Connect the electrical supply for the back-ups
(terminals 9, 10 and 11) to the electrical panel. (see
fig. 37, p. 28).
4 - Outdoor sensor (see fig. 37, p. 28).
5 - Air thermostat and/or remote control (Option,
See fig. 38, p. 29).
6 - Contract with the power provider:
- Connect the "Power Provider" contact to input EX5
or EX4. (see fig. 38, p. 29)
In the case of a mixed DHW tank
Please refer to the instructions supplied with the
DWH kit.
7 - Connect the directional valve to connector QX4,
(See fig. 38, p. 29).
8 - Connect the domestic water sensor to terminal
BX1 on the heat pump's control panel (see fig. 38,
p. 29).
Installation and operating manual "1350-EN"
9 - Connect the back-up resistance to terminal 19
(Earth) and relay RP DHW to terminals 2 (L) and 4
(N). (see fig. 37, p. 28)
10 - Connect the electrical power supply for the
domestic water back-up (terminals 17, 18 and 19) to
the electric panel. (see fig. 37, p. 28)
In the case of 2 heating circuits
Please refer to the instructions supplied with the
second circuit kit.
11 - Circulation pump
12 - Circulation pump
13 - Mixer valve
14 - Initial sensor
() - Interconnection between RVS and AVS
In the case of a heated floor
Heated floor thermal safety fuse
20 - Thermal safety will stop the heat pump if the
temperature in the floor is too high.

Parametering the setting

Adjust the configuration: 1, 2, 3 or 4, Line 5700.
Adjust the DHW programme (Line 1610 to 1661)
1 heating circuit
Adjust the heating curve slope.
Line 720
2 heating circuits
Adjust the heating curve slope.
Line 720 (Circuit 1)
Line 1020 (Circuit 2)

Special cases

Please consult us regarding any other installation

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents