Connections With Gas; Sealing Test; Filling The Installation With Gas - Fujitsu AOYA18LALL Installation And Operating Manual

Heat pump air/water split single service
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Heat pump, Split, single service

Filling the installation with gas

This operation is reserved for installers
familiar with the legislation for handling
refrigeration fluids.
Creating a vacuum with a vacuum pump is
Never use equipment used beforehand with
any refrigerant other than a HFC.
Creating a vacuum and filling the
refrigeration connections with gas
(see figure 22).
- Remove the protective plugs (B) from the charging
hole (Schrader) in the gas valve (large diameter).
- Connect the blue hose (on the side with a valve
p u s h e r i n g o o d c o n d i t i o n ) f r o m t h e s e t o f
manometers (manifold).
- Connect the yellow hose to a vacuum pump and
open the blue valve on the set of manometers.
- Create a vacuum until the residual pressure in the
circuit falls below 0.01 bar.
- Let the pump continue to operate for another 15
minutes after reaching the vacuum.
- Close the blue valve on the set of manometers and
t h e n
s t o p
t h e
v a c u u m
disconnecting any of the hoses in place.
- Wait 10 minutes. If the pressure rises during this
10-minute period, there is a leak in the circuit. Trace
it and repair it: then start again.
When the pressure has remained stable for 10
minutes after the vacuum pump stops, the circuit is
considered to be gas-tight.
- Remove the access plugs (A) from the valve
If an additional charge is requires, add the
additional charge before filling the hydraulic
module with gas. Please refer to the section
("Additional charge", page 22).
- First of all fully open the small valve and then the
large one using a hex key (counterclockwise
direction) without forcing excessively against the
- Remove the blue hose rapidly.
- R e f i t t h e 2 p l u g s a n d t i g h t e n t h e m t o t h e
recommended tightening torque (see figure 21).
The outside unit does not contain any additional
refrigerant, enabling the installation to be purged.
Flushing is strictly forbidden.

Sealing test

Once the refrigeration circuit has been gassed as
described above, check that all the refrigeration
connectors are gas-tight:
Installation and operating manual "1350-EN"
p u m p
w i t h o u t
6 connectors for models 050 and 065, 5 connectors
for model 080 and 4 connectors for models 095, 128
and 155.
The sealing test must be performed with an
approved gas detector.
If the flarings have been made correctly, there should
be no leaks.
If there is a leak, make the connection again.
Manometer kit
Service hose
Gas valve
Large diameter
3-way valve
Service hose (blue)
fitted with valve push-button
Figure 22 - Extraction under vacuum and gassing
Vacuum meter
Vacuum pump
Refrigeration connexion
Plug (A)
Hex / Allen key of 4 mm
Load orifice
Plug (B)

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents