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AEG CompuMaster 300 Operating Manual

Aeg compumaster range uninterruptible power supply operating manual.
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CompuMaster 300 / 600 / 1000
Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Operating Manual


   Summary of Contents for AEG CompuMaster 300

  • Page 1: Instruction Obligation, Validity

    Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung Uninterruptible Power Supply Betriebsanleitung Operating Manual...

  • Page 2: Handling, Warranty

    CompuMaster at the moment of issue. The contents do not constitute a subject of contract, but serve information purposes only. AEG reserves the right to make modifications with regard to contents and technical data in these operating instructions without prior notification.

  • Page 3: Hotline, Copyright

    AEG will warrant for a period of one year after delivery of the respective unit that all failures caused by faulty material or -workmanship will be repaired accordingly, provided that the products have been-used under normal conditions and by appropriate operation.

  • Page 4

    Hotline number given below:. AEG Stromversorgungs-Systeme GmbH Emil-Siepmann-S traRe 3 2 D - 59581 Warstein (0 29 Copyright No part of these operating instructions may reproduced or transmitted by any mechanical or electronic means without the express prior written permission of AEG.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Notes on these operating instructions Instruction obligation, validity Handling, warranty Hotline, copyright System description Safety General safety hints Safety hints for the UPS CompWIaster 300 / 600 / 1000 Technical data Commissioning and operation Site conditions Principle sketch of connecting points and operation/display elements Initial start up Operation...

  • Page 6: System Description

    1 System description The CompuMaster is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for essential loads like PC’ s, IT systems and similar device, consisting of (input supply for the inverter) mains failure occurs from mains to inverter as long as mains is not available load battery Bloc diagram of a UPS...

  • Page 7

    When mains is not available or in case of decreased mains voltage to 85% of nominal value or less the inverter will take over the supply of the connected loads. The CompuMaster w-ill supply the load for a time according to the battery capacity.

  • Page 8: Safety

    2 Safety regulations 2.1 General safety instructions Read these operating instructions carefully before initial start-up of the CompuMaster and pay attention to the safety instructions in any case ! Use the unit only in a perfect technical state according to the intended purpose and subject to the operating instructions ! Eliminate failures and any trouble which can influence safety of personnel and goods.

  • Page 9

    Safety hints subject The contents of this chapter are important instructions subject to the CompuMaster as well as the battery concerning erection, operation and maintenance to be complied with. The UPS is connected to hazardous voltage. Opening of the unit is only allowed to qualified and authorized personnel.

  • Page 10: Safety Instructions

    To keep the UPS in good condition as well as for safe working with, please pay attention to the following safety instructions: Don’ t disassemble the UPS ! The unit is provided for erection in heated interior. Don’ t use the UPS near water or in environments with excessive humidity ! Never connect mains input terminals to the UPS output !

  • Page 11

    Electric shot hazard ! Despite disconnecting from the mains the battery remains still connected to several components of the UPS, so that the danger of electric the battery-circuit should absolutely be disconnected prior to maintenance or other business ! Replacement and maintaining of the battery must be.- .

  • Page 12

    For daily use of PC’ s or other device the mains switch should remain in the on-position. It should be avoided to switch on or off the Computer by using the mains switch. For longer periods without necessity of using the UPS the mains switch should be set to the off-position.

  • Page 13: Technical Data

    Nominal frequency 50 Hz 300 VA 200 W O u t p u t p o w e r (cos cp = 0,67 ind.) / (CompuMaster 300) 400 W (CompuMaster 600) 1200 (cos cp = 0,67 ind) /800 (CompuMaster 1000) approx.

  • Page 14

    2 12V blocs 7,0Ah (1 ZOOVA) Efficiency 90 % 98 % (if mains available) Physically data Weight (battery included) Dimensions ( W x H x D ) (CompuMaster 300 / 600) (jutting out connectors (CompuMaster 1000) excluded) Cooling Air cooling 5°C to +4O”C...

  • Page 15: Commissioning And Operation

    4 Erection and operation 4.1 Uncasing and testing The unit has been fully checked and tested. Although packing and shipping have been prepared carefully shipping damage is not to be excluded in each case. Please test the incoming goods and shipping containers for eventually damages, if necessary in presence of the carrying agent.

  • Page 16

    4.3 Principle overview of connection points, operational control and display elements rear side (connections) front view Explanations: AEG UPS type identifier ,compuma.ster“ apparent power of UPS in VA ON-/OFF-switch of UPS (mains switch) 8 Signalisation 4 LED ,NORMAL“ 5 LED &JTONOMY”...

  • Page 17: Initial Start Up

    4.4 Initial start-up Marking of the mains switch (item 3 of pict. on page 46): ,,I“ for ,ON” and ,,O” for ,,OFF“ 1) Make sure, that the mains switch of UPS is in the OFF-position (item 3 of picture on page 46) 2) Connect the input of UPS (item 12 of pict.

  • Page 18: Operation

    4.5 Operation At first the UPS must be connected to a suitable mains wall plug. Then set the mains switch to the ON-position. Following to that procedure output voltage will be available. The green LED ,,NORMAL” will be illuminated or blinking when mains voltage is within nominal range; if not, another LED will be illuminated in connection with a sounding danger signal.

  • Page 19: Danger Signals

    signals Danger signal Normal Battery operation AUTONOMY Overload OVERLOAD BATT-LOW Battery undervoltage FAULT UPS or mains fault acoustic signal via integrated signal buzzer! Explanations to the following used Dictographs: LED permanently illuminated LED blinking LED off Integrated signal buzzer...

  • Page 20: Normal Operation

    Normal operation During normal operation (Battery fully charged): Under normal conditions only LED ,,NORMAL“ is illuminated. No action required. During normal operation (Battery being charged): LED ,,NORMAL” blinking. No action required, but it is no sounding being fully charged to be sure that the stored energy will be sufficient for the next mains failure.

  • Page 21: Battery Operation

    In case of a mains disturbance (e.g. mains blackout) the CompuMaster will be set to battery operation au toma tically. Battery operation: Please finish all your jobs accordingly and switch off the PC prior to the automa- tically following action (i.e. disconnecting of battery) sounding and switch off the UPS by...

  • Page 22: Overload Conditions

    UPS and battery cut-off: The battery capacity is no more sufficient. The inverter has been switched off, output voltage is not yet available. Switch off the UPS to avoid further discharging of the battery! 4.6.3 Overload conditions In case of overload in connection with the mains available LED ,,NORMAL“...

  • Page 23

    Normal operation / overload: C h e c k t h e l o a d Step 1: connected. Depending on the type of CompuMaster the value should not exceed: sounding 300VA (2OOW), 600VA R e d u c e t h e t o t a l Step 2: load.

  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    4 . 6 . 4 T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g Under normal conditions a self check will be drawn by the tested. battery are When the following symptoms have been detected, the Inverter fault: Finish all your jobs, switch off the UPS and unplug the...

  • Page 25

    The last of a.m. faults (battery fault) looks like a discon- nection of the battery, but it has been detected during normal operation. In case of a continuously sounding danger signal after the setting of the mains switch to position ,,I“ and following the UPS self check, it is possible, that no voltage is available at the mains wall plug.

  • Page 26

    In the case that the mains distribution will be switched off every evening the same must be done with the UPS to avoid unnecessary battery discharge. Otherwise the in- it seems to be a mains failure. This w-ill lead to a reduction of the usable life of the battery.

  • Page 27: Communication Interface

    4.7 Communication interface (Connection of PC’ s and signalling device) The interface of the CompuMaster is designed for use in addition to the shut-down options of AEG. Interface (SUB-D-plug g-pole) Relais contacts will be si,mulated via RS232interface by using transistor technologie. For explanation of pin configuration see...

  • Page 28: Ups Management- And Shutdown Software Compuwatch

    UPS shut down via pin 6 of communication interface: With ,,High“-potential at pin 6 of the communication interface, e.g. initialized automatically by AEG soft- no sounding ware ,,CompuWatch“, the load will be disconnected battery caused by the remaining load of the UPS control it is recommended to switch off the UPS completely by the mains switch immediately.

  • Page 29: Storage, Dismounting And Scrapping

    Storage, dismounting and scrapping 5.1 Storage Longer storage periods without charging may lead to permanent damage of the battery. Because of inner chemical activity during storage within a temperatur range from 20°C to 30 O C the self-discharge rate will be approx. 3...6% of nominal capacity per month.

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