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Care & Precautions:
Before connecting or using your new phone, take a moment to consider safety and reliability. Use common sense
when locating, connecting and using your
• Locate on a dry level surface. Keep the phone away from the edges of the surface to avoid the potential of a
• Locate cables to avoid potential for damage. For example, do not locate under rugs or carpet as damage may
result from foot traffic or heavy objects. Also, do not locate cables between the desktop and walls where they
may be crushed, damaging the insulation.
• Check the cables regularly and, if damage is noted, disconnect your phone. Contact your local representative
for a replacement.
• Should liquid spill on the phone, disconnect the unit from power and the network.
• Do not use during lightning storms. Lightning presents a potential shock hazard.
LG8815 Phone
• Clean the
• Always use caution when connecting to AC power. Use only with a properly grounded standard AC power
What is new in this release?
Issue 0.02
LG8815 Phone
with a soft dry cloth; do not use liquid cleaners.
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