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LG IP8540 User Manual

Ip phone for microsoft ocs 2007
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IP Phone for Microsoft OCS 2007

User Guide

This document provides information about IP8540 IP Phone.
You can download all required documents at
* IP8540 needs Microsoft OCS (Office Communications Server) 2007 for proper operation.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Guide

    IP8540 IP Phone for Microsoft OCS 2007 User Guide This document provides information about IP8540 IP Phone. You can download all required documents at * IP8540 needs Microsoft OCS (Office Communications Server) 2007 for proper operation.
  • Page 2 2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. European Union Declarations of Conformity: LG-Nortel Co. Ltd. declares that the equipment specified in this document, which bears the “CE” mark, conforms to the European Union Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive (R&TTE 1999/5/EC) including,...
  • Page 3 In no event shall LG-Nortel or its suppliers be liable for any indirect, special, consequential, or incidental damages, including, without limitation, lost profits or loss or damage to data arising out of the use or inability to use this manual, even if LG-Nortel or its suppliers have been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  • Page 4 IP8540 User Guide Revision History REVISION DATE OF ISSUE REMARKS Initial Release 1.00 2007-11-02 Format change 2.00 2009-02-09 Added information about new features released with Office Communication Server 2007 R2...
  • Page 5 IP8540 User Guide Important Safety Instructions When using this product, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and injury to persons, including the following; 1. Read and understand all instructions. 2. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    IP8540 User Guide Table of contents 1. Introducing LG-Nortel IP8540 IP Phone .................. 3 Overview ............................3 Device Layout..........................4 2. Getting your IP8540 up and running..................6 What’ s in the box .......................... 6 AC/DC power adaptor ........................7 Optional accessory for wall-mount installation................
  • Page 7 Changing the language ....................38 Connecting the USB Cable and Signing In................39 3.7.1 Why Use the USB Cable ......................39 4. Making Calls with IP8540......................40 Adjusting the handset and speakerphone volume ..............40 The Call Basics..........................41 4.2.1 Make a call, while idle ......................41 4.2.2...
  • Page 8: Introducing Lg-Nortel Ip8540 Ip Phone

    IP8540 is a powerful communications tool for enterprises with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. IP8540 links the power of Office Communications Server 2007 to the high reliability of a dedicated desk phone. IP8540 employs an embedded version of Office Communicator 2007 (“Office Communication 2007 Phone Edition”) as the client with access to contacts stored locally and in Office...
  • Page 9: Device Layout

    (SA) has expired, so use of this setting is not recommended in this release. 1.2 Device Layout The IP8540 uses a touch screen to select contacts and configure settings, a scroll-wheel to navigate the user interface, and a standard keypad for entering phone numbers.
  • Page 10 : Disable or enable audio input Speakerphone button : Activate or deactivate speakerphone Headset button : Activate or deactivate headset audio Finger reader : Allows you to log on to your IP8540 with the touch of your finger Help : Displays context sensitive help...
  • Page 11: Getting Your Ip8540 Up And Running

    IP8540 User Guide 2. Getting your IP8540 up and running 2.1 What’ s in the box The IP8540 product package contains the items as shown in Figure 2. IP8540 Phone handset Handset Coiled-cord 1.8 m (6-foot) RJ-45 Ethernet cable Quick Guide / User information booklet / Tilting leaflet / Registration card...
  • Page 12: Ac/Dc Power Adaptor

    PLA12R-120(ASK-H)-R KDX South Korea 2.3 Optional accessory for wall-mount installation The IP8540 optionally can be wall mounted; you may wish to order the following part number to ensure secure placement of the handset when phone is wall mounted: Order Part Number...
  • Page 13: Wall Mounting

    IP8540 User Guide 2.5 Wall Mounting The foot of IP8540 incorporates slotted wall mount holes. To wall mount IP8540 you will need to install two mounting screws arranged to fit in the mounting slots. #6 pan head screws are recommended and should be anchored firmly into a wall stud or wall anchor.
  • Page 14: Adjusting The Viewing Angle

    IP8540 User Guide 2.6 Adjusting the Viewing Angle On the back of IP8540 is the foot-stand release button. To adjust the display angle, push the release button and adjust the foot-stand to provide the best view of the touch screen.
  • Page 15: Connections To Ip8540

    IP8540 User Guide 2.7 Connections to IP8540 The IP8540 incorporates several standard connectors to interface to your LAN, power, and peripherals. Note the LAN must have a local DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) server to provide an IP address and other information to the phone. The connectors are grouped in the wiring cavity as shown in the Figure.
  • Page 16: Initial Power Up And Sign In

    IP8540 User Guide 2.8 Initial Power up and Sign In The first time you power up IP8540, you will need to do the following: Calibrate the touch screen Sign In (with IP8540 or with Office Communicator 2007 R2 on your PC)
  • Page 17: Sign In With Office Communicator 2007 R2 On Your Pc

    Connect the Type-A connector (larger cable end connector) to your computer. When both ends of the cable are secured, the connection between Office Communicator 2007 R2 and your IP8540 is detected and you are prompted to enter your Account, User name, and Password from Office Communicator 2007 R2.
  • Page 18: Setting Your Unlock Parameters

    2.8.4 Setting your unlock parameters For security, you can lock the IP8540 when leaving your desk. When locked, the display shows the blank screen with “Unlock” soft key on lower left corner. (IP8540 can place and receive calls while locked using keypad, but contact list access and other controls are disabled.)
  • Page 19 IP8540 User Guide To select and set the unlock method, do one of the following: Create a PIN by typing and retyping a 6-digit PIN. Enter a fingerprint scan by tapping Use Fingerprint Instead. Swipe you fingertip until four readings are measured.
  • Page 20: Set Time Zone

    2.8.5 Set Time Zone You set your time zone upon first sign-in. To change the time zone settings, do the following: as needed to adjust the time zone. Tap OK. IP8540 displays the main screen and is ready for use.
  • Page 21: Using Your Ip8540

    3. Using your IP8540 3.1 Understanding the touch screen Before you begin use of your IP8540, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the overall screen layout. As shown in the Figure 7, the screen is divided into four (4) major sections: Presence &...
  • Page 22: Controlling Presence (Phone Status)

    IP8540 User Guide 3.2 Controlling Presence (Phone Status) Your IP8540 sends updated status information to Office Communications Server at regular intervals or when the status changes. There may be times when you want to change your presence status. For example, if you need to concentrate on a report, you may change your status to Do Not Disturb to avoid interruptions.
  • Page 23 Away The contact is probably not available. This status is displayed for the following reasons: The IP8540 has been idle for more than the inactive period - 15 minutes by default. The Office Outlook calendar or Out of Office Assistant for the contact indicates an out of office.
  • Page 24: Contact List

    The status information in the contact list displays the availability of the contact. Icons indicate presence to the left of the contact’ s name, and by text to the right. You can adjust the status of your IP8540. Refer In the contact list, you can view the following information for each contact:...
  • Page 25: Searching The Contact List

    IP8540 User Guide View the contact information. To place a call from the contact card, tap the phone number you would like to call, or tap the Call button. (Note: The default phone number for all contacts is their work phone. For user’ s that are UC enabled, when their work phone number is dialed, their IP phone will ring as well.)
  • Page 26: Selecting A Contact Group

    IP8540 User Guide 3.3.3 Selecting a Contact Group You can setup multiple contact lists or Contact Groups. You can select the Contact Group or all groups to display in the Contact window. To view a Contact Group To the right of the Contacts box, tap the Contact Groups icon Do one of the following: a) To view a Contact Group, tap the group name.
  • Page 27: Message Waiting

    IP8540 User Guide 3.4 Message Waiting In conjunction with Office Communications Server 2007, Exchange 2007 provides voice mail services. The Message window control icon indicates how many new voice mails are waiting. The Message window displays a list of voice mails, showing who left the message, their presence status, and the date and time of the recording.
  • Page 28: Call Logs

    A log of your calls (missed, received, and placed) is available in the IP8540. Using IP8540, you may view and return calls from the Call Logs. IP8540 stores a maximum of 60 records in the log. You can manage the Call Logs from your desktop PC using Outlook.
  • Page 29: Settings

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6 Settings The Settings window allows you to configure settings for and view information about your IP8540. The Settings window has the following selections: Lock phone Volume Ring Tones (with S/W version 3.5.6907.0) Change PIN Change Fingerprint...
  • Page 30: Locking Your Phone

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.1 Locking your phone For security, IP8540 has a lock feature. When locked, the display shows the unlock screen shown below. To lock the phone Tap the Settings icon, Lock Phone IP8540 Unlock screen displays and the phone locks.
  • Page 31: Adjusting Volume Levels

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.2 Adjusting volume levels To set volume levels Tap the Settings icon, Tap Volume. to adjust volume levels for the ringer, handset, and speaker. Tap OK.
  • Page 32: Ring Tones

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.3 Ring tones You can set one of four ring tones for you IP8540 (with S/W version 3.5.6907.0). To configure ring tones, do the following: Tap Settings. Ring Tones. as needed to select a ring tone. Tap Play to hear the tone.
  • Page 33: Changing Your Pin

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.4 Changing your PIN To change your PIN, Tap the Settings icon, Change PIN. In the Current PIN box, use the keypad to enter your current PIN. In the New PIN and Confirm PIN boxes, enter your new PIN.
  • Page 34: Changing Fingerprint

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.5 Changing fingerprint You can change the fingerprint ID you use to unlock the device by resetting the Change Fingerprint ID setting. For example, it may be more convenient to use a finger from you left hand if your phone is to the left of your work area.
  • Page 35: Update Your Password

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.6 Update your password To change your password Tap the Settings icon, Update Password. Use the virtual keyboard to enter the old and new password information. Tap OK.
  • Page 36: Adjusting The Screen Brightness

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.7 Adjusting the screen brightness To set the brightness Tap the Settings icon, Tap Brightness. to adjust the brightness Tap OK.
  • Page 37: Changing The Time Zone

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.8 Changing the Time Zone To change location and time zone Tap the Settings icon, Set Time Zone. to set the location and time zone. Tap OK.
  • Page 38: Changing The Date And Time Display Format

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.9 Changing the date and time display format To change the format of the date and time display Tap the Settings icon, Date/Time Format. to adjust the time and date formats. Tap OK.
  • Page 39: Switching Users

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.10 Switching Users Multiple users can use IP8540, but not concurrently. A user must sign out of the device before another user can sign in. In doing so, each user individually signs into the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.
  • Page 40: Calibrating The Touch Screen

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.11 Calibrating the touch screen To calibrate the touch screen Tap the Settings icon, Calibrate Touch Screen. Use your fingertip to touch the on-screen target until the new calibration is established. When the calibration is set, tap the screen a final time to finish the calibration.
  • Page 41: To Set Logging

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.12 To set logging For tracking purposes, IP8540 can upload its activity logs to the Office Communications Server 2007 Update Service. This is helpful for problem evaluation. To enable logging, do the following: Tap Settings. Logging. To enable logging tap the left arrow, to disable logging tap the right arrow.
  • Page 42: Viewing The Device Information

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.13 Viewing the device information The following information can be viewed from the System Information screen: • Firmware version number • MAC address • IP Address • Subnet Mask • Gateway IP Address • DNS Server IP Address •...
  • Page 43: Changing The Language

    IP8540 User Guide 3.6.14 Changing the language IP8540 (with S/W version 3.5.6907.0) supports multiple languages. Your administrator can configure one or more languages for your phone depending on the needs for your organization. To change the language for all text displayed on your phone, do the following: Tap Settings.
  • Page 44: Connecting The Usb Cable And Signing In

    3.7.1 Why Use the USB Cable You can connect IP8540 (with S/W version 3.5.6907.0) to your computer using the USB cable for simplified deskphone sign in using Office Communicator 2007 R2. Below is a list of advantages to using the USB cable.
  • Page 45: Making Calls With Ip8540

    IP8540 User Guide 4. Making Calls with IP8540 4.1 Adjusting the handset and speakerphone volume The Volume Up/Down button controls ringer, handset and speaker volume. What the buttons control depends on the state of the device. The volume levels that you set are retained from one meeting to the next until you change them.
  • Page 46: The Call Basics

    IP8540 User Guide 4.2 The Call Basics 4.2.1 Make a call, while idle Tap a contact in the displayed list. Dial the number using the keypad. To make an outgoing phone call while the device is on the hook a) With the handset on the hook, enter the phone number using the 10-digit keypad. The numbers appear in the phone number field.
  • Page 47: Receive A Call

    IP8540 User Guide 4.2.4 Receive a call Lift the handset or press Answer, which activates the Speakerphone or headset. -Or, Press Redirect to send the call to another destination. -Or, Press To Voice Mail to send the call to Voice Mail. Voice mail service requires Exchange Sever 2007.
  • Page 48 IP8540 User Guide Tap a contact to transfer the call to. Either consult with the contact and transfer, or in the case of a direct transfer, the call will be immediately transferred.
  • Page 49: Conference

    IP8540 User Guide 4.2.8 Conference In the Contact List, do the following: Select a contact to call. After the caller answers tap Conference and then Someone. Tap another contact to call.
  • Page 50: Forwarding Calls

    For example, setting call- forwarding to go directly to voice mail from Office Communicator 2007 R2 will update for IP8540 as well. To configure call-forwarding rules using IP8540, do the following: At the top of the screen, tap the forwarding icon to the right of your name.
  • Page 51 IP8540 User Guide If you are forwarding to another contact or phone number, select Forward to contact or phone number… , and tap the contact name that you want to forward your calls, and then tap OK. On the Forwarding screen, tap OK.
  • Page 52: Make A Phone Call Using Office Communicator 2007 R2

    The number is the contact’ s work number by default, but can change based on the number most recently used to call the contact. If you have the USB cable connected between your IP8540 (with S/W version 3.5.6907.0) and your computer, you can place calls directly from Office Communicator 2007 R2.
  • Page 53: Troubleshooting Problems

    Kerberos authentication is being used on the server. I cannot sign-in to IP8540; I continue to see the error message "Device does not have a valid IP address". Ensure the IP8540 is properly connected to switch or router.
  • Page 54: Placing Calls

    IP8540 User Guide The phone software has restarted in an unusable state. Power cycle the phone. I am trying to login for the first time and I do not see the PIN option. Contact your IT Help and check: ü Ensure PIN is enabled on OCS (pool level->FrontEnd Properties->VoIP tab).
  • Page 55: Conference Call

    ü Make sure VoIP is enabled on AV MCU's. ü Make sure IP8540 user is UC enabled. 5.4 Unexpected Behavior IP8540 locked up while I was doing <xyz… >. Restart your device by power cycling. Notify your IT Help should this reoccur. IP8540 is behaving inconsistently...
  • Page 56: Ip8540 Product Specification

    IP8540 User Guide 6. IP8540 Product Specification Item Specification Network interface IEEE 802.1 10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet, RJ-45 Desktop PC Interface IEEE 802.1 10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet, RJ-45 (1) USB type A port (reserved) Peripheral interface (1) USB type B port...
  • Page 57 IP8540 User Guide LG-Nortel Co.Ltd. GS Gangnam Tower, 679-1, Yeoksam-1-dong, Gangnam-Gu Seoul, 135-985 Korea