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Appendix C Lg8815 Icons - LG 8815 User Manual

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Appendix C LG8815 Icons

Your LG8815 displays various icons in the upper line of the LCD to assist you in understanding the
status of the phone. Below is a list of icons and their meaning.
LAN or Network connection icon indicates the status of the LAN connection to the LG8815. If
the icon is blinking, the LAN connection is faulty. This icon displays as the first icon on the left.
PC Port icon, when displayed, indicates a device, generally a PC, is connected to the PC port
of the LG8815.
Forward icon indicates calls to the extension are forwarded.
Message icon indicates one or more messages waiting in Voice Mail.
DND icon indicates the IP Phone is in DND and will not notify you of incoming calls.
Hold icon indicates the extension has calls on hold.
Locked icon indicates the IP Phone is locked and a password is required to place calls.

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