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Speed Number Dialing; Dnd (Do-Not-Disturb); Muting A Call; Accessing Your Voice Mail - LG 8815 User Manual

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Lift the handset for privacy or press the headset button to use the headset

3.13. Speed Number Dialing

Your LG8815 Phone incorporates a Phone Book with up to 100 records. Refer to
information on use of the Phone Book. Each record includes a name, contact information and a Speed
number (00 to 99). When you dial a Speed number, the IP Phone initiates a call to the contact. Speed
number dialing must be enabled. Refer to your system administrator for further information.
To place a call using a Speed number:
Dial the Speed number (00-99) for the desired contact. After a short delay, the IP Phone sends the
contact information from the Phone Book. You may dial # to set up the call immediately. If the
Phone Book has no record of the Speed number, the IP Phone sends the digits dialed to the call
server for processing.

3.14. DND (Do-Not-Disturb)

When the DND (Do Not Disturb) feature is enabled and activated, the IP Phone will not notify you of an
incoming call. The IP Phone does not ring, allowing you to work without interruption from an incoming
call. The call server configuration determines routing of the incoming call while your phone is in DND.
Refer to your system administrator for further information.
To activate DND:
While the IP Phone is idle, press the DND button. When active, the DND button LED illuminates
red, and "Do not disturb" displays in the LCD.
To deactivate DND:
Press the illuminated DND button again.

3.15. Muting a Call

Mute toggles the microphone of the Handset, Speakerphone and Headset Off and On. When Mute is
active, the connected party will not receive audio from the microphone.
To mute the microphone:
Press the Mute button. The Mute button LED illuminates red indicating mute is active.
To turn the microphone back on:
Press the illuminated Mute button again.

3.16. Accessing Your Voice Mail

When you have a message waiting, the Message LED flashes to indicate you have new messages in
your mailbox. The IP Phone delivers the message waiting indication for your primary line, line button 1.
To access your voice mailbox:
Press the Message button. The display indicates the number of messages waiting.
Press Dial softkey. The IP Phone activates the speakerphone and places a call to your voice
mailbox. To listen to your messages, follow the instructions for your voice mail system.
section 4.2

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