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Setting Your Preferences; Lcd Contrast; Ring Setting; Setting The Ring Type - LG 8815 User Manual

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5. Setting Your Preferences

In the LCD Menu, you can set various preferences for the IP Phone. Settings you can adjust include:

LCD contrast

Ring Setting

Ringer off
Headset auto mode
Flexible button settings
Time Configuration
Outgoing Call Lock
Speed Number Dialing
Key Tone
The following paragraphs provide detailed instructions for each of the preferences as well as descriptive
information for each.
5.1. LCD Contrast
The contrast of the LCD is adjustable for best viewing angle.
To adjust the LCD contrast:
Press the Setting (
Dial 3, or move the cursor to
OK softkey.
Dial 1, or move the cursor to
OK softkey.
Press the Down softkey to decrease the contrast, or press the
Up softkey to increase the contrast.
Move to another parameter with the Return button,
continue the session or press the Settings (
the configuration session.
5.2. Ring Setting
Ring settings determine the ring type (tone) for the phone. In addition, the ring type for each line can be
set with immediate or delayed audible notification. Note the ring type set for a contact in the Phone Book
has priority over the phone or line settings, see

5.2.1. Setting the Ring Type

The IP Phone uses one of fourteen distinctive ring types for incoming call notification. Nine are stored in
the memory of your IP Phone and the remaining five (5) must be downloaded prior to use. By assigning
different ring signals to closely located phones, you can identify the ringing phone. The ring type
assigned for the IP Phone is the "Default Ring Type" that can be set to "ringer off" or one of the fourteen
To set the ring type for the phone:
) button.
3.Phone Settings
1.LCD Contrast
using the Previous-Next softkeys and press the
using the Previous-Next softkeys and press the
, and
) button to exit
Jan 23
LCD Contrast

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