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Remove The Hx3 From The Bay; Docked Hx3 Mode States; Ring Scanner Storage - Honeywell HX3 Reference Manual

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Remove the HX3 from the bay

Important: Do not put pressure on the HX3 display when removing the HX3 from the cradle.
1. Hold the HX3 firmly, and brace your thumb on or under the logo (just above the HX3 display). Hint: Pushing down with
your fingertips in the fingertip depression (behind the HX3) at the same time may be helpful.
2. Pull the HX3 straight up to disconnect the Cradle connector on the HX3 from the cradle connector in the docking bay.
3. If the ring scanner and battery were tethered to the HX3 while it was docked, they remain tethered when the HX3 is
removed from the cradle.
4. Connect the HX3 wearable device to the armband, voice case or hip flip, sliding the HX3 battery into the battery sleeve.
The <1mm hole in the Tethered Ring Scanner storage bay is used to guide the fastener (screw) when attaching the
HX2 desktop cradle to a flat, stable surface (fasteners, screwdrivers, etc., not supplied by Honeywell).

Docked HX3 Mode States

When the HX3 is not docked in a powered cradle it can be set to enter Suspend Mode using Start > Settings > Control Panel
> Power > Schemes tab or Start > Suspend.
When the HX3 is docked in a powered cradle it can be placed in Suspend Mode using Start > Suspend or by tapping the
Power key.
Switch State to Suspend setting established in Start > Settings > Control Panel > Power > Schemes tab is not available
until the HX3 is disconnected from the cradle.
Pre-existing User Idle and System Idle function as scheduled when the HX3 is docked in a powered cradle.
Do not put the HX3 into Suspend Mode (using Start > Suspend or by tapping the Power key) while the HX3 is connected
to peripheral devices (or ActiveSync) through the connectors on the cradle. The HX3 is unable to maintain the
connection during Suspend Mode.
If the USB connections are interrupted due to a Suspend operation – then when the HX3 resumes, disconnect the
cables and then reconnect the cables again to initiate USB and/or ActiveSync connection again.

Ring Scanner Storage

If Ring Scanning is required while the HX3 is receiving power through the cradle, the steps outlined in
completed first.
The Ring Scanner can be placed in the depression between the battery charging bays while tethered to an HX3 in the Docking
The Ring Scanner depression can also be used to store an untethered ring scanner. The depression does not have a connector.
The HX3 and HX2 cradle do not support tethered scanners.
Power Cable
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