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Chapter 2: Desktop Cradle; Unpacking Your Desktop Cradle; Quick Start - Honeywell HX3 Reference Manual

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Chapter 2: Desktop Cradle

Unpacking Your Desktop Cradle

After you open the shipping carton containing the product, take the following steps:
Check for damage during shipment. Report damage immediately to the carrier who delivered the carton.
Make sure the items in the carton match your order.
Save the shipping container for later storage or shipping.
The HX3 cradle is available with or without a power cord. If ordered without a power cord, a country specific C14 style power
cord is required.
Communications cables for the HX3 are available separately.

Quick Start

The following list outlines, in a general way, the process to follow when preparing the HX2 cradle for use. Refer to the following
sections in this document for more details.
Do not place the HX3, batteries or ring scanner into the cradle bays until the cradle is on a stable, horizontal surface.
1. Prepare the cradle for use. See
Connect the external power cable
3. Connect the cradle end of the power cable to the power port on the back of the cradle.
4. The B1 and B2 LEDs flash yellow-red-green then go out. The empty powered cradle is ready for use.
5. Prepare the HX3 for docking by removing it from the arm band, hip flip or audio case, if used.
6. Insert the HX3 in the Docking Bay. See
7. Insert the tethered battery in one of the battery charging bays at the back of the cradle. See
Battery. The battery can remain tethered as the power connection between the battery and the HX3 is broken as soon
as the HX3 connects to the power source via the cradle-power connector.
8. Dock the Ring Scanner, if attached, in the Ring Scanner bay (between the battery charging bays).
9. Insert a spare battery in the remaining battery charging bay at the back of the cradle, if desired.
10. The B1 and B2 LEDs illuminate as soon as a battery is inserted in a charging bay.
11. Connect USB cables at the front of the cradle, if desired.
12. Press the Power button on the HX3. The cradle PWR LED illuminates. The fully loaded cradle is ready for use.
Do not allow cleaning agents of any kind to contact the battery charging terminals; they may be damaged. If
necessary, clean them with a soft-bristle, dry brush or compressed air.
Extreme ambient temperatures may have unexpected / undesired effects on the HX3, ring scanner, cradle and batteries in the
charging bays. Refer to
Technical Specifications
and storage.
Preparing the Cradle for
to a dependable power supply.
How to Dock or Remove the
for recommended temperature ranges for daily operation, battery charging
How to Insert / Remove a



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