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How To Dock Or Remove The Hx3; Insert The Hx3 Into The Cradle - Honeywell HX3 Reference Manual

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How to Dock or Remove the HX3

The HX2 cradle docking bay can accommodate an HX3 with or without a rubber boot. Remove the hip flip, arm band or voice
case if used.
The HX3 is inserted in the cradle with the keypad visible and available for use.
The HX3 can be inserted and removed with one hand, or if preferred, two hands.
Do not "slam" or slide the HX3 sideways into the cradle. Do not rock the HX3 forward out of the cradle. Damage may result.
1. Fingertip Depression
2. Side Rails
3. Bottom Rails
4. Cradle power supply connector for a docked HX3

Insert the HX3 into the cradle

1. Prepare the HX3 for docking by removing it from the armband, hip flip or voice case if necessary. Place the wearable
accessories in a clean, safe location.
2. Slide the HX3 armband brackets straight down into the side rails on either side of the docking bay, making sure the
Cradle connector on the HX3 and the cradle connector in the docking bay line up.
3. Press the HX3 down firmly until both connectors "click" together.
4. When the HX3 is properly seated in the docking bay, tap the Power button on the HX3. The PWR LED on the cradle
illuminates if the HX3 is properly seated in the cradle. If the cradle PWR LED does not illuminate, remove the HX3 from
the bay and reinsert.
5. Place the tethered battery, if any, in a battery charging bay. Battery charging commences. The battery does not need to
be disconnected from the HX3, if desired.
6. Place the tethered Ring Scanner, if any, in the Ring Scanner bay. The Ring Scanner does not need to be disconnected
from the HX3.
7. The docked HX3 is ready to use AC power for communication and backup battery recharging.



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