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Power Cable - Honeywell HX3 Reference Manual

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Power Cable

Important: Use the power cable provided with the cradle's power supply adapter with the HX2 cradle only.
Honeywell offers two types of external power supplies for the cradle:
Power Supply, External, AC, US (with power cable)
Power Supply, External AC, International (without power cable)
Technical Assistance
The external power supply may be connected to either a 120V, 60Hz supply or, outside North America, to a 230V, 50Hz
supply, using the appropriate detachable cord set.
In both cases, connect the external power supply 2-prong end to a source of power provided with maximum 15 Amp over
current protection (10 Amp for 230V circuits).
1. Firmly press the cradle end (L-shaped 5mm barrel connector) of the power cable into the power connector on the back of
the cradle.
2. Firmly press the C8-2 female end of the power cable into the two male connector pins on the power adapter, guided by
the connection notches on the top and bottom.
3. Plug the 2-prong end of the cable into any AC wall outlet with a dependable power source. AC power is now being
supplied to the AC/DC power adapter and the cradle.
Each time the HX3 is docked in the powered cradle, the connection between the tethered battery and the HX3 terminates.
Press the Power button on the HX3 and the PWR LED on the cradle will illuminate.
When a battery is in either one (or both) of the battery charging bays, the battery charging bay LED (B1 / B2) is illuminated.
if the AC power cable is not included with the power supply.



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