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Marine Generator Sets
9- -11EKOZD
TP-6773 5/12a


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  • Page 1

    Installation Marine Generator Sets Models: 6EKOD 9- -11EKOZD 5EFKOD 7- -9EFKOZD TP-6773 5/12a...

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    TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Safety Precautions and Instructions ............Section 1 Introduction .

  • Page 4

    Table of Contents Table of Contents TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 5: Safety Precautions And Instructions

    Safety Precautions and Instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. Accidental Starting Engine Backfire/Flash Electromechanical equipment, Fire including generator sets, transfer WARNING switches, switchgear, and accessories, can cause bodily harm and pose WARNING life-threatening danger when improperly installed, operated, or maintained. To prevent accidents be aware of potential dangers and act safely.

  • Page 6: Fuel System

    Exhaust System Fuel System Hazardous Noise WARNING CAUTION WARNING Carbon monoxide. Hazardous noise. Explosive fuel vapors. cause severe nausea, Can cause hearing loss. Can cause severe injury or death. fainting, or death. Never operate the generator set Use extreme care when handling, exhaust system must...

  • Page 7: Hot Parts

    Disconnecting the electrical load. Testing live electrical circuits. NOTICE Hazardous voltage cause Hazardous voltage or current can Fuse replacement. Replace fuses severe injury or death. Disconnect cause severe injury or death. Have with fuses of the same ampere rating the generator set from the load by trained and qualified personnel take and type (for example: 3AB or 314, turning off the line circuit breaker or by...

  • Page 8

    Notes Safety Precautions and Instructions TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 9: Section 1 Introduction

    Section 1 Introduction Information in this publication represents data available marine generator set. For operating instructions, refer at the time of print. Kohler Co. reserves the right to to the operation manual. change this publication and the products represented Marine generator set installations must comply with all without notice and without any obligation or liability applicable regulations and standards.

  • Page 10

    Notes Section 1 Introduction TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 11: Section 2 Location And Mounting

    2. Use craft stringers or other available structural exhaust outlet. members capable of supporting the generator set’s weight. Kohler Co. recommends mounting the generator set on a flat board attached to the craft stringers. Craft 3. Seal the generator set’s engine room from the...

  • Page 12

    Notes Section 2 Location and Mounting TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 13: Section 3 Cooling System

    3. Seacock cover 4. Direction of vessel movement Allowable Model 5. Typical intake through-hull strainers Intake Restriction 6EKOD/5EFKOD 250 mm Figure 3-2 Seacock Installation 9--11EKOZD/7--9EFKOZD (10 in.) H O or less Do not align the strainer (in relation to the craft’s direction Figure 3-1 Combustion Air Intake Restriction of travel) with any other through-hull intakes.

  • Page 14: Seacock

    3.2.2 Seacock Mount the seacock to the hull, assemble it to the intake, and ensure that it is accessible for operation. Figure 3-2 shows a typical installation. Avoid overcaulking the seacock. Excess caulk reduces water flow and, in some cases, develops a barrier that can force water upward, past the seawater pump, and into the engine cylinders when the vessel is moving and the generator set is shut down.

  • Page 15: Water Lines

    3.2.4 Water Lines Water lines from the seacock to the engine-driven seawater pump are usually constructed of flexible hose. Connect a flexible section of hose to the seawater pump to allow the generator set to vibrate during operation. Support a nonflexible water line within 102 mm (4 in.) of its connection to the flexible section.

  • Page 16: Closed Heat Exchanger

    3.2.5 Closed Heat Exchanger A closed heat exchanger is the best cooling method for most applications. See Figure 3-6 for a typical installation. Provide space to access the water-cooled exhaust manifold pressure cap. Seawater Freshwater (Coolant/Antifreeze) 1. Engine block 7. Intake strainer (customer-supplied) 2.

  • Page 17: Section 4 Exhaust System

    Kohler Co. requires a downward pitch of at least 13 mm Inspecting the exhaust system. Carbon monoxide can cause severe nausea, fainting, or death. For the safety of per 30.5 cm (1/2 in.

  • Page 18: Exhaust System Location, Mounting, And Installation

    (rear) could cause excessive back pressure. Figure 4-2 for allowable back pressures. Allowable Exhaust Back Pressure ≤ (mm H Model 6EKOD/5EFKOD and 14.2 (1444) 9EKOZD/7EFKOZD 11EKOZD/9EFKOZD (1 Phase) and 14.8 (1506) 11EKOZD/9EFKOZD (3 Phase) Figure 4-2 Allowable Exhaust Back Pressures 1. Water/exhaust outlet...

  • Page 19: Above-waterline Installation

    17. Maximum silencer vertical lift of 1.2 m (4 ft.) 4. Exhaust mixer elbow 18. If the total exhaust length exceeds 4.6 m (15 ft.), Kohler 5. Heat exchanger (locations vary by model) recommends increasing the exhaust hose to the next 6.

  • Page 20: Mid/below-waterline Installation

    3 m (10 horizontal ft.) from the engine’s exhaust manifold outlet. Use a USCG-type certified marine exhaust hose. Exhaust Hose Diameter Models without Sound Shield Models with Sound Shield mm (in.) 6EKOD/5EFKOD 6EKOD/5EFKOD 9EKOZD/7EFKOZD 9EKOZD/7EFKOZD 51 (2.0) 11EKOZD/9EFKOZD (1 Phase) 11EKOZD/9EFKOZD (1 Phase) 11EKOZD/9EFKOZD (3 Phase)

  • Page 21

    Note: Read the text for complete explanation of dimensions and other installation considerations. Note: Use two hose clamps on each end of all flexible exhaust hose connections. Note: Data applies to both rear- and side-exhaust installations. Note: Damage caused by water ingestion will not be covered by the generator warranty.

  • Page 22

    21. Exhaust hose (see Figure 4-5 for hose sizes) 6. Minimum siphon break distance above waterline of 30.5 cm 22. If the total exhaust length exceeds 4.6 m (15 ft.), Kohler (1 ft.) recommends increasing the exhaust hose to the next larger 7.

  • Page 23

    23. Height of internal lift tube to be below generator exhaust 11. Seawater strainer manifold 12. Seacock 24. Kohler recommends generator be located at elevation that 13. Intake strainer exhaust mixer elbow is above silencer exhaust outlet 14. Engine-driven seawater pump 25.

  • Page 24

    Notes Section 4 Exhaust System TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 25: Section 5 Fuel System

    Section 5 Fuel System WARNING Explosive fuel vapors. Can cause severe injury or death. Use extreme care when handling, storing, and using fuels. Note: Do not modify the tank or the propulsion engine fuel system. Equip the craft with a tank that allows one of the two pickup arrangements.

  • Page 26: Fuel Lines

    Note: Do not tee into the main propulsion engine’s fuel 6EKOD/5EFKOD ID Size line. 9- -11EKOZD/7- -9EFKOZD mm (in.) Note: Fuel Return Dip Tube (6EKOD/5EFKOD and Fuel Inlet 9.7 (3/8) 9- -11EKOZD/7- -9EFKOZD Models). Kohler Co. 6.4 (1/4) recommends utilizing a fuel return dip tube Fuel Return min.

  • Page 27: Fuel Filters

    Fuel Pump Lift m (ft.) Model 5.4 Fuel/Water Separator 6EKOD/5EFKOD 0.9 (3) For 6EKOD/5EFKOD and 9--11EKOZD/7--9EFKOZD 9EKOZD/7EFKOZD models, install a fuel/water separator between the fuel tank and the electric fuel pump. The fuel/water 11EKOZD/9EFKOZD (1 ph) 1.2 (4)

  • Page 28

    Notes Section 5 Fuel System TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 29: Section 6 Electrical System

    Section 6 Electrical System WARNING Hazardous voltage. Moving parts. Can cause severe injury or death. Operate the generator set only when all guards and electrical enclosures are in place. Electrical backfeed to the utility. Hazardous backfeed voltage can cause severe injury or death. Connect the generator set to the building/marina electrical system only through an approved device and after the building/marina main switch is turned off.

  • Page 30: Circuit Protection

    5EFKOD the output circuit. 11EKOZD (3 ph.) After correcting the fault, reset the AC circuit breaker(s) 6EKOD by placing them in the ON position. Restart the unit. Do 5EFKOD not start the unit under load. See Figure 6-3 for AC 7EFKOZD circuit breaker ratings.

  • Page 31: Circuit Breaker Installation

    6.2.2 Circuit Breaker Installation WARNING 1. Place the generator set master switch in the OFF position. 2. Disconnect the generator set engine starting battery, negative (--) lead first. Moving parts. Hazardous voltage. Can cause severe injury or death. 3. Remove the screws and remove the access cover. Operate the generator set only when all guards and electrical enclosures 4.

  • Page 32

    8. Make the recommended connections for the Note: Wire material. Use stranded copper for all following four reconnection systems using circuit wiring. Use wire gauges and insulation, breakers: conductor temperature ratings, sheath stripping, conductor support and protection, Two-pole circuit breaker with a single-voltage conductor terminals and splices, and system (example: 120-volt, 3-wire).

  • Page 33: Installation In Steel Or Aluminum Vessels

    Junction Box (Inner View) Junction Box (Outer View) GM77889-B 1. Coverplate (qty. 2 for 1-pole kits or qty. 1 for 2-pole kits). 3. Jumper terminal (if supplied in kit) Use existing hardware 4. Use existing hardware 2. Circuit breaker Figure 6-4 Circuit Breaker Mounting 6.3 Installation In Steel or 6.4 Installation Regulations Aluminum Vessels...

  • Page 34: Battery

    6.5 Battery Kohler Co. recommends using one 12-volt battery (or two for 24-volt systems, as the spec requires) to start the Batteries and their installation must conform to USCG generator. See Figure 6-6 for minimum cold cranking Regulations 183.420 (a) through (g). Provide generator amps (CCA) recommendations.

  • Page 35: Remote Connection

    6.7 Remote Connection Component Amp Part No. Kohler Part No. Plug 350735-1 229998 Kohler Co. offers several remote panels for connection 350218-6 241618 to the generator set. Contact your local Kohlerr Cable Seal 794280-1 GM29252 distributor/dealer for detailed descriptions. Figure 6-7 or Figure 6-8 for the location of the remote...

  • Page 36

    Notes Section 6 Electrical System TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 37: Section 7 Installation Drawings

    Use the drawings in this section for installation Model No. Drawing Page purposes. Consult the supplier and verify that the 6EKOD and 5EFKOD ADV-7941A-A drawings are the most current for your specifications. (1 phase) ADV-7941B-A Installation drawings show exhaust outlet locations, fuel...

  • Page 38

    NOTE: Dimensions are shown in mm [in.]. ADV-7941A-A Figure 7-2 Dimension Drawing, 6EKOD and 5EFKOD (Sheet 1 of 2) Section 7 Installation Drawings TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 39

    NOTE: Dimensions are shown in mm [in.]. ADV-7941B-A Figure 7-3 Dimension Drawing, 6EKOD and 5EFKOD (Sheet 2 of 2) TP-6773 5/12a Section 7 Installation Drawings...

  • Page 40

    NOTE: Dimensions are shown in mm [in.]. ADV-7942A-A Figure 7-4 Dimension Drawing, 9--11EKOZD and 7--9EFKOZD (Sheet 1 of 2) Section 7 Installation Drawings TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 41

    NOTE: Dimensions are shown in mm [in.]. ADV-7942B-A Figure 7-5 Dimension Drawing, 9--11EKOZD and 7--9EFKOZD (Sheet 2 of 2) TP-6773 5/12a Section 7 Installation Drawings...

  • Page 42

    NOTE: Dimensions are shown in mm [in.]. ADV-7943-A Figure 7-6 Dimension Drawing, 6EKOD/5EFKOD, 9--11EKOZD, and 7--9EFKOZD with Sound Shield Section 7 Installation Drawings TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 43

    NOTE: Dimensions are shown in mm [in.]. ADV-7944-A Figure 7-7 Dimension Drawing, 6EKOD/5EFKOD, 9--11EKOZD, and 7--9EFKOZD with Keel Cooling Option with Dry Exhaust TP-6773 5/12a Section 7 Installation Drawings...

  • Page 44

    Notes Section 7 Installation Drawings TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 45: Section 8 Reconnection

    Section 8 Reconnection 8.1 Voltage Reconnection WARNING Use the following voltage reconnection procedure to change the voltage of 4- and 12-lead generator sets. Frequency changes require voltage regulator and governor adjustments. Hazardous voltage. Moving parts. Can cause severe injury or death. Refer to the following procedure and the connection schematics.

  • Page 46: Four-lead Reconnection

    Voltage Reconnection Procedure 3. Press the selector dial and the voltage selection option (second line on the display) will start to flash. 1. Stop the generator set. 4. Turn selector dial clockwise 2. Turn the controller pushbutton/rotary selector dial counterclockwise until desired voltage...

  • Page 47: 100--120/200--240-volt Configurations

    L0 (Neutral) L0 (Neutral) GRD. Ground GRD. Ground Load Load Side Side Factory Two-Pole Two-Pole Line Circuit Circuit Line Side Breaker Breaker Side 100- -120/200- -240-Volt, Jumper 3-Wire lead Stator Leads 60 Hz 50 Hz L0--L1 100--120 Volt 100--120 Volt L0--L2 100--120 Volt 100--120 Volt...

  • Page 48

    Electroswitch 2-Wire Generator Sets 3-Wire Generator Sets To Shore To Generator Power To Shore To Generator Power To Load To Load Kraus Naimler/American Solenoid (Early Rectangular Design) 2-Wire Generator Sets 3-Wire Generator Sets To Generator To Shore Power To Shore To Generator Power To Load...

  • Page 49: Twelve-lead Reconnection

    The following information illustrates the reconnection of Kraus Naimler/American Solenoid twelve-lead generator sets. In all cases, conform to the 4-Wire, 3-Phase Generator Sets National Electrical Code (NEC). Reconnect the stator leads of the generator set to change output phase or voltage. Refer to the following procedure and connection schematics.

  • Page 50

    Notes Section 8 Reconnection TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 51: Appendix A Generator Selection And Wattage Requirements

    Appendix A Generator Selection and Wattage Requirements Consider total wattage requirements (lights, motors, are DC powered by a 12-volt battery. Make sure the appliances) when selecting a generator set or when calculated total wattage includes only lights actually on sizing wattage usage in which available space and the generator set AC circuit.

  • Page 52: Appendix B Abbreviations

    Appendix B Abbreviations The following list contains abbreviations that may appear in this publication. A, amp ampere center of gravity fglass. fiberglass ABDC after bottom dead center cubic inch displacement flat head machine (screw) alternating current centerline fl. oz. fluid ounce analog to digital centimeter flex.

  • Page 53

    kilogram megawatt root mean square kg/cm kilograms per square milliwatt rnd. round centimeter μF microfarad read only memory kilogram-meter N, norm. normal (power source) rot. rotate, rotating kg/m kilograms per cubic meter not available, not applicable revolutions per minute kilohertz nat.

  • Page 54: Appendix C Generator Set Output Ratings Procedure

    Appendix C Generator Set Output Ratings Procedure Kohler Co. develops the kilowatt output rating of a Kohlerr generator set installation. Figure 1 outlines the marine generator set based upon the calculations calculations. Figure 2 contains examples of how heat specified in ISO 3046 and ISO 8528-1. The calculations variables affect generator set ratings.

  • Page 55

    TP-6773 5/12a...

  • Page 56

    For the nearest sales/service outlet in the US and Canada, phone 1-800-544-2444 Kohler Power Systems Asia Pacific Headquarters TP-6773 5/12a 7 Jurong Pier Road Singapore 619159 E 2011 and 2012 by Kohler Co. All rights reserved. Phone (65)6264-6422, Fax (65)6264-6455...

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