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Getting To Know Your Appliance; Control Panel; Appliance Interior; Overview Of Menu - Siemens SN series Operating Instructions Manual

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Getting to know your
n g
G e t t i
t o k n o w
Diagrams of the control panel
and the interior of the appliance can be
found in the envelope at the front.
Individual positions are referred
to in the text.

Control panel

( ON/OFF switch
0 Programme buttons **
8 Digital display
@ Display "Check water supply"
H Salt refill indicator
P Rinse aid refill indicator
X Timer programming display
` Timer programming
h Additional options **
)" START button
)* Door opener
** Number depending on model
y o u r
a p p l i a n c

Getting to know your appliance

Appliance interior

1" Interior light *
1* Cutlery drawer
12 Top basket
1: Top spray arm
1B Tablet collecting tray
1J Intake opening
1R Blow opening (Zeolith container)
1Z Bottom spray arm
1b Dispenser for special salt
1j Filters
9" Bottom basket
9* Dispenser for rinse aid
92 Detergent dispenser
9: Lock for detergent dispenser
9B Rating plate
* depending on model

Overview of menu

The settings can be found in the
individual chapters.
Water Hardness :
Intensive drying :
Rinse aid :
Hot water :
End of programme buzzing sound
- :
Automatic disconnection :
Optical display while the programme
is running :
- :
- :
- :
- :
- :
– :



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