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Automatic Switch Off; Interior Light; Switching Off The Appliance; Interrupting The Programme - Siemens SN series Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Operating the appliance
Depending on the setting for "Automatic
switch off when programme ends or
interior light", the optical display is no
longer or only briefly visible.
Automatic switch off after end
of programme or interior light*
* depending on model
To save energy, the dishwasher can be
automatically switched off 1 min or 120
min after the programme ends.
The setting can be selected from :
to :
Appliance does not
switch off automatically.
The interior light 1"
comes on when the door
is opened irrespective of whether
the ON/OFF switch (
is switched on or off. When
the door is closed the light is off. If
the door is open for longer than 60
min., the light switches off
automatically. The interior light 1"
is lit only when the set value :
is selected.
Appliance switches off after 1 min.
Appliance switches off after 120
1. Open the door.
2. Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
3. Hold down programme button #
and press START button )"
until : ... is indicated on the digital
4. Release both buttons.
The LED for button # flashes
and the digital display 8 displays
the factory setting :
5. Keep pressing programme
button # until the value : ... is
indicated on the numerical display
A u t o m a t i c s w i t c h o f f / i n t e r i o r l i g h t
To change the setting:
1. Press programme button 3.
Each time the button is pressed,
the set value increases by one level;
when the value of :
reached, the display jumps back
to :
2. Press START button )".
The set value is saved.
3. Close the door.

Switching off the appliance

Short time after the end of the
1. Open the door.
2. Switch off ON/OFF switch (.
3. Turn off the tap (not applicable if
Aqua-Stop fitted).
4. Remove the utensils when they have
cooled down.
When the programme ends, leave
the appliance to cool down a while
before opening it. This will prevent
steam from escaping and causing long-
term damage to your built-in furniture.

Interrupting the programme

1. Open the door.
2. Switch off ON/OFF switch (.
The LEDs go out. The programme is
If the door was opened on an
appliance which has a warm water
connection or is heated, first leave
the door ajar for several minutes and
then close. Otherwise, expansion
(pressure) may cause the appliance
door to spring open or water to run
out of the appliance.
has been


Table of Contents

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