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Water Softening System/Special Salt; Setting; Water Hardness Table - Siemens SN series Operating Instructions Manual

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Water softening system/Special salt

Water softening
system/Special salt
W a t e r
n g
s o f t e n i
To ensure good washing results,
the dishwasher requires soft water, i.e.
containing low amounts of lime,
otherwise white limescale will be
deposited on the utensils and inner
Tap water above 1.2 mmol/l must be
softened. The water is softened with
special salt (regeneration
salt) in the water softening
system of the dishwasher.
The setting and therefore the required
amount of salt
depends on the degree of hardness of
your tap water (see table).


The amount of salt dispensed can be
set from :
to :
Salt is not required at the set value
1. Find out about the hardness value of
your tap water. Your water utility
company will help you with this.
2. Set value can be found in the water
hardness table.
3. Open the door.
4. Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
5. Hold down programme button #
and press START button )" until
: .... is indicated on the digital
6. Release both buttons.
The LED for button # flashes and
the digital display 8 displays the
factory setting :
a l
s y s t e m / S p e c i
To change the setting:
1. Press programme button 3.
Each time the button is pressed, the
set value increases by one level;
s a l t
when the value of :
reached, the display jumps back
to :
2. Press START button )".
The chosen setting has now been
3. Close the door.

Water hardness table

has been



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