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2-Piece Drain Hose Connection; Drain Pump Removal And Installation; Door Latch Removal And Installation - Bosch SHE55P Repair Manual

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Softer bearing & non-softer bearing heaters
Softer bearing & non-softer bearing heaters are connected to
circulation pumps differently:
Softer bearing models (UC/11 & above) have gasket
assembled to heater and use a hose clamp (172272
provided separately).
Older models (UC/06) have a separate gasket and do not
have a hose clamp.
Softer bearing & non-softer bearing heater assemblies,
circulation pumps and sumps cannot be mixed and

2-piece drain hose connection

Drain hoses come in two pieces, an external (customer) drain
hose and an internal drain hose. The 90º elbow of the external
hose is connected to the outlet of the internal hose (pointing
toward the drain) and is held in place by a hose clamp.
To remove the internal drain hose, remove a white plastic hose
lock and pull the hose from the water level control.

Drain pump removal and installation

To access pump, disconnect inlet hose and pump harness. To
remove pump, (1) pull latch (on circular collar), (2) rotate pump
clockwise (cw) ~ 1/8 turn and (3) pull out pump. To install new
pump, insert @ 2:00 position & rotate counterclockwise (ccw).

Door latch removal and installation

Other than occasional misalignment, the only door latch repairs
will be replacing microswitches. Older SHU43/53/68 dishwashers
used door latches with rods connecting them with on/off switches.
To remove door latches
1. Remove fascia panel -- section 5.3.1.
2. Locate door latch in console and bend out console metal
tabs to allow latch removal.
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