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Bosch SHX33AI Use And Care Manual

Bosch appliances dishwasher user manual
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Use and Care
Guide d'utilisation
et d'entretien
Ivlanual de
uso y cuidado



  Summary of Contents for Bosch SHX33AI

  • Page 2 To learn even more about your dishwasher, as well as many other top-quality Bosch appliances, visit our website at Enjoy! *Note: The Bosch dishwasher referred to throughout this manual is manufactured by the BSH Home Appliances Corp. F licitations! BOSCH* d'avoir choisi ce lave-vaisselle.
  • Page 4 Introduction ... Product Information ... Operation Special Features ... Care and Cleaning ... Self Help ... Technical Information Warranty Information ... Customer Service ... -6-SCH Introduction ... Information sur le produit ... Fonctionnement Caracteristiques Entretien et Nettoyage ... Guide de Depannage Information technique ...
  • Page 5: Product Information

    Since different models have _R_Y different features, you will need to know which model you have. Open your dishwasher door and find the Model and Serial Number Label on the right edge of the door. Figure A Label will show you where to look and what the label looks like.
  • Page 6: Information Sur Le Produit

    LIRE CES INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANTES Afin d'obtenir la meilleure utilisation du lave-vaisselle il faut faire quatre choses importantes 1.CONSERVER CE GUIDE Ne pas le jeter. 2.LIRE CE GUIDE M6me si I'on a utiilse lave-vaisselle dans le passe, guide comprend I'information necessaire a une utilisation securitaire et adequate...
  • Page 7 Model F eatures C hart SHU33A SHX33A Standard Height Adj. Upper Rack RackMatic Upper Rack Adjust Flip Tines Upper Rack Flip Tines Lower Rack Standard Silverware Basket Flexible Silverware Basket Standard Dispenser Premium Dispenser "Refill Rinse Aid" Indicator Light Power Scrub Plus Scrub...
  • Page 8 Scrub Wash, Regular Wash, and Delicate/Economy Wash (see the Model Features manual). When these cycles are complete, "Sanitized" light on your dishwasher illuminate. However, if your household too hot, your dishwasher's heating reduced, and the light may not illuminate. Symbole...
  • Page 9 Rinse Agent result in drying that is hygienic, Cycle Completion Signal: An optional beeper lets you know when the cycle is complete. Delay Start: Available on some models, delays the dishwasher's Digital Countdown Display: Lets you know when the current cycle will be complete.
  • Page 10 "Refill Rinse Agent" Light: Water Shut-Off: A safety feature base of the dishwasher. Stainless Steel Tall TubTM: Provides Filter System: Three filters (four on some the main pump and the drain pump from foreign...
  • Page 11 7. Do not tamper with controls. 8. Do not abuse, sit on, or stand on the door or dish racks of the dishwasher. 9. To reduce risk d injury, do not allow children to play in or on the dishwasher.
  • Page 12 GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS This appliance must be grounded grounding conductor must be run with the circuit grounding terminal or lead on the dishwasher. _,WARNING: This dishwasher Code and/or local codes. Make sure this dishwasher by a qualified installer before _WARNING:...
  • Page 13 MATERIALS Important: Before you wash anything in the dishwasher, check the information in this section. Some materials are not dishwasher safe and should washed; others require special loading. Contact the material's manufacturer if you are unsure about a material's dishwasher suitability.
  • Page 14 Madera: Articulos de madera como cuencos, ensaladeras, de madera podrian partirse, deformarse Product lnformation I Information surle produit Adhesives that join materials loosen. Handles may separate. and dry immediately. dishwasher is intended dishware. Pewter will tarnish. Hand-wash and dry immediately. wooden utensils, and wood-handled : Le lave-vaissetle Bosch est Lave a mano y seque inmediatamente.
  • Page 15: Operation

    Operation EFonctionnement I Operacibn DISHWASHER COMPONENTS Figure 1 identifies the components of your dishwasher. Familiarize yoursetf with the various parts of your dishwasher before you attempt to wash the first load of dishes. 1. Door gasket 2. Upper rack 3. Upperspray arm 4.
  • Page 16: Fonctionnement

    COMPOSANTS LAVE-VAISSELLE La Figure 1 indique les composants du lave- vaissette. II faut se familiariser avec les differentes parties du tave-vaisselle avant de proceder au premier tavage. 1. Jointde porte 2. Panier superieur 3. Gicleur superieur 4. Panier inferieur 5. Gicteur inferieur 6.
  • Page 17 2. Loading Loading your dishwasher properly witl resutt inthoroughly cleaned dishes. To property toad your dishwasher, you need to be familiar with: A. General Guidelines B. Loadingthe Upper Rack C. Loading the Lower Rack D. Accomodating BxtraTall Items E.
  • Page 18 CHARGEMENT LAVE-VAISSELLE II y a 6 etapes pour laver la vaisselle dans le Iave-vaissetle Bosch : 1. Preparationdutave-vaissetle. 2. Chargement du lave-vaisselte. 3. Ajout de detergent et d'agent de rin£age. 4. ActionnerIes contretes. 5. Dechargement du Iave-vaisselte. 6. ViderIetave-vaisetle. 1. Preparation du lave-vaisselle Rincer ta vaisselle n'est pas necessaire, mais entever tes grosses particules...
  • Page 19 Using the Standard Adjustment 1) Remove the empty upper rack by pulling it out of the dishwasher to the point that it can be lifted upward, as shown in Figure 6. 2) Pull the rack outward and up until the rollers are completely free of the roller guides.
  • Page 20 (Chargement du panier superieur, suite) Seten le modele de lave-vaissette, te panier superieur peut avoir des caracteristiques accessoires tres pratiques. Ces caracteristiques et accessoires comprennent des dents reptiables et des manchons pour tasses. Verifier dans le Tableau des caracteristiques de modele & ta page 6 dans ce guide pour plus de detaits.
  • Page 21 Place large bowts, pots, and pans upside- down in the lower rack. If your dishwasher has lower rack flip tines, fold them down to accommodate large utensits such as serving spoons and large knives. Figure 11 shows...
  • Page 22 C. Chargement du panier inf_rieur Seton le modele de tave-vaisselIe, le panier inferieur peut Ctre dote de caracteristiques et d'accessoires pratiques. Ces caracteristiques accessoires comprennent des dents reptiabtes et differents paniers a ustensites. Verifier te tableau des caracteristiques du modele dans ce guide pour voir quetles sont les caracteristiques accessoires disponibtes.
  • Page 23 2) the Premium Dispenser, which you can fill while the dishwasher door is either fully open or from a more comfortable posture while the dishwasher door is half-open. Check with...
  • Page 24 E. Chargement du panier & ustensiles Tous tes lave-vaisselle Bosch on un des deux types de paniers a ustensites pour te panier inferieur : 1) panier standard ou 2) panier flexible. Plus de details sur le panier flexible dans Ia section accessoires de ce guide. Les deux paniers ont un dessus pouvant etre replie pour accomoder des articles plus gros ou de forme etrange.
  • Page 25 When this light comes on, refill the rinse aid dispenser until the level indicator turns dark, and shut the dishwasher door. The light wilt go out in a few minutes after the door is shut. Standard...
  • Page 26 (Detergents et agent de rinqage, Un agent de rin9age offre tes meilleurs resattats de sechage, reduisant tes taches et rin£ant tes pieces internes da tave-vaisselle. Toujours utitiser un agent de rin9age et seulement en liquide dans le tave- vaisselte Bosch. C.
  • Page 27 Figure 22. The cover will slide open to the left. Note: Pushing down on the release tab will not open the cover. 2. With the dishwasher door fully open, fill the detergent chamber with the amount of detergent recommended in Tabte 1, using the measurement lines in the chamber as a guide.
  • Page 28 D. Distributeur de luxe Remplir avec du d_tergent 1. Site couvercte est ferme, pressant la languette de degagement le distributeur comme a la figure 22. Le couvercte s'ouvre vers ta gauche. Remarque : en poussant de degagement, cela n'ouvre couvercle. 2.
  • Page 29 1) Front Controt, with buttons on the front of the dishwasher door, as shown in Figure 27, and 2) Top Control, with the buttons on the top edge of the dishwasher door, as shown in Figure 28. Front Control 1. Ctose the dishwasher door and make sure it is securely shut.
  • Page 30 4. Mise en marche lave-vaisselle Une fois ta vaisseIle chargee vaissette, le detergent et I'agent de dn£age ajoutes, ron peut actionner te lave-vaisselte. Pour mettre en marche, it faut savoir : A. Belectionner le cycle de lavage approprie. B. Actionner les commandes.
  • Page 31 Operation J Fonctionnement I Operacibn (Operate the Controls, Continued) Top Control 1. Open the dishwasher door far enough to expose the control buttons. 2. Press the On/Off button. 3. Press the button for wash cycle desired. 4. Close the dishwasher door and make sure it is securely shut.
  • Page 32 (Fonctionnement des commandes, suite) Commandes sup_rieures 1. La porte du lave-vaisselle ouverte, presser ta touche marche-arret. 2. Presser la touche pour le tavage desire. 3. Fermer ta porte du tave-vaissette et s'assurer qu'elle est bien ferme.e 4. Le tave-vaisselle demarre et fonctionee automatiquement jusqu'a la fin du cycle.
  • Page 33 DURING AWASH OR RINSE CYCLE. ALWAYS WAIT AT LEAST 10 SECONDS (OR UNTIL WATER NOISES STOP) BEFORE FULLY OPENING THE DISHWASHER 1. Open the dishwasher door far enough to expose the control buttons. 2. To resume the cycle, simply close the dishwasher door. Cancelling Front Control 1.
  • Page 35: Special Features

    Depending upon the model dishwasher you have, after about 12 minutes of drying the LED display witt show "O",or the "Clean" light wilt be illuminated.
  • Page 36: Caracteristiques Speciales

    5. Sechage de la vaisselle Sechage par condensation Une fois que te lave-vaisselle vaissette, une periode de sechage condensation suit. La combinaison temperature de dngage final elevee, ta frafcheur de la cuve en acier inoxydabte I'agent de dn£age donne un sechage Selon le type de modete, apres environ 12 minutes de sechage, rafflchage...
  • Page 37 3. Press the button for the desired wash cycle. You can change the cycle at any time during the delay. Top Control 1. Open the dishwasher door far enough to expose the control buttons. 2. Press the On/Off Button 3. Press the Delay Start button. Continue...
  • Page 38 (Caract_ristiques speciales, Mode differe Cette caracterisfique permet de retarder ta mise en marche du cycle de tavage s61ectionne jusqu'a 19 heures. Commandes avant 1. Presser ta touche marche-arret. 2. Presser ta touche differ6 et ta maintenir pendant 2 secondes. Continuer de presser ta touche differe jusqu'a ce que t'affichage DEL indique te nombre d'heures desir&...
  • Page 39 Changing the Cycle Completion Signal Volume 1. Open the dishwasher door far enough to expose the control buttons. 2. Press and hold down the right-most of the two buttons labelled "Cancel Drain", as shown in Figure 34, then press and hotd the On/Off button.
  • Page 40 (Caractdristiques speciales, Signal de fin de cycle Cette caracteristique est une tonalite qui retentit Iorsque te lave-vaissette Bosch a fini de laver et de secher la vaisselle et est disponibte SEULEMENT sur tesmodetes avec touches de commandes superieures. L'on peut annuler la tonaIite ou ron peut regler un des 3 volumes.
  • Page 41 Top Control Note: Only Top Control Models with an LED display have theAdditional Drying Heat. 1. Open the dishwasher door far enough to expose the control buttons. 2. Press and hold the left-most of the two buttons labelled "Cancel Drain", as shown in Figure 36, then press and hold the On/Off button.
  • Page 42 (Caracteristiques speciales, Commandes superieures Remarque : Seuls les modeles a commandes superieures avec un affichage DEL sont dote de la caracteristique de sechage par chaleur addifionnet. 1. Ouvrir la porte du tave-vaisselle suffisamment pour acceder aux touches. 2. Presser et maintenir tes deux touches les plus a gauche <<Cancel D rain>>,figure 36, puis presser et maintenir la touche marche- arr_t.
  • Page 43 Figure 38/llus. Figure 39/llus. Figure 40/llus. Special Features (Rack Accessories Silverware There are two types of Silverware baskets ers; 1) the Standard and 2) the Flexible Silverware The Standard This basket fits in the front-middle the lower rack, as shown in Figure 38. The Flexible This basket versatility.
  • Page 44 (Accessoires de panier, suite) Partier _ ustensiles standard Ce panier s'ajuste au milieu du devant du panier inferieur, comme la figure 38. Partier _ ustensiles flexible Ce panier est conc;u pour offrir plus de commodite. II est fendu le long de la Iongueur, donnant deux moities qui peuvent 6tre placees de differentes positions dans le panier inferieur,...
  • Page 45: Care And Cleaning

    STANDING AND SPLASHOUT AROUND BOSCH Winterizing Dishwasher If your Bosch dishwasher is installed in location that experiences freezing temperatures (e.g., in a holiday home), you must drain all the water from the dishwasher's supply, disconnect the drain hose, and allow...
  • Page 46: Cuidado Y Limpieza

    (Accessoires de panier, Panier & couteaux Ce panier, figure 42, peut _tre utilise de fagon differente, mais il est principalement con9u pour tes ustensiles. Le panier a couteaux peut _tre enteve en te tirant deticatement hors des deux pinces qui te mainfiennent en place.
  • Page 47 Your Bosch dishwasher has a filter system made up of a Large Object Trap/Cylinder FitterAssembty, as shown in Figure 45, and a Fine Filter on the ftoor of the dishwasher tub, as shown in Figure 46. Some modets have an additional Micro Filter under the Fine Filter, as shown in Figure 47.
  • Page 48 (Entretien et nettoyage, V_rifier et nettoyer la crepine Le tave-vaisselte Bosch est dote d'un systeme a 4 filtres qui comprend un assemblage de filtre cytindrique et crepine, figure 45, un filtre fin au bas de ta cuve, figure 46. Certains modetes ont un micro filtre additionnel sous le fittre fin, comme a la figure 47.
  • Page 49 To remove the upper spray arm: 1. Remove the empty upper rack from the dishwasher. The procedure for removing the upper rack is on page 18 of this manual. 2. Turn the rack upside-down. The upper spray arm is hetd in position by a locking nut, as shown in Figure 50A.
  • Page 50 (Entretien et nettoyage, 4. Tirer delicatement la poignee pour s'assurer que I'assemblage est bien encIencher. Verifier et nettoyer le bras gicleur Verifier de temps a autre les bras gicleur pour s'assurer que les embouts sont propres et non obstrues. S'it faut tes nettoyer, I'on peut facitement enlever et remettre tes bras gicleur.
  • Page 51 Care and Cleaning (Care and Cleaning Clean Colored Use only a soft cloth that is lightty dampened with soapy water. Do not use paper towels or abrasive cloths. Stainless Use a soft cloth with a non-abrasive cteaner (preferably a liquid spray) made for stainless steel.
  • Page 52 (Entretien et nettoyage, Nettoyer ie panneau de porte exterieur Portes de couleur : Utitiser seulement un chiffon doux tegerement humide d'eau savonneuse. Ne pas utitiser d'essuie-tout ni de tampons abrasifs. Portes en acier inoxydable Utiliser un chiffon doux avec un produit nettoyant non abrasif (preferabtement en vaporisateur) con9u pour t'acier inoxydabte.
  • Page 53: Self Help

    Dishwashers may exhibit problems that are unrelated to a malfunction of the dishwasher itself. The following table may serve to answer your question about a problem you are having without having to calIa repair person• I:_ao_e_ Dishes do not dry...
  • Page 54: Guide De Depannage

    Remove lower sPray arm and clean arm ahd spray arm mounts, Too little rinse-aid. Too much rinse-aid used. Utensils not properly arranged. Incorrect type of detergent used, Use onty automatic dishwasher detergents. • Incorrect amount of detergent or rinse agent. • Utensils incorrectly arranged or rack overloaded.
  • Page 55: Technical Information

    SHU43C SHU53A SHU66C SHI66A SHU33A SHV66A Technical Information !=! _=i,! ' !,_ I... I_ I ... EInformation technique t Informacibn Tecnica BOSC_ BOSCH...
  • Page 56 SHX46A SHX46B SHV46C SHX56B SHY56A Front View SHY66C Front View SHX33A Technical Information EInformation technique t Informacibn Tecnica BOSCH BOSCH...
  • Page 57 CYCLE DURATION/WATER NOTE: Cycle duration and water and wash load, factors over which Bosch has no control. Therefore, the times and quantities in these charts are approximate. For models SHY56A02, A05, A06, SHX56B02, B05, B06, SHY66C02, OptiMISER Cycle lime minutes) Cycle lime withodt...
  • Page 58 CYCLE DURATION/WATER For models SHU43C02, C05, C06, C07, SHU53A02, A05 and A06 Cycle ]]me (in minutes) Water Minimum Consumption in gallons Maximum Water Minimum Consumption in liters Maximum Wash Temp °F Rinse Temp °F For models SHU33A02 and A06 Cycle ]]me (in minutes) Water Minimum...
  • Page 59: Warranty Information

    CORE DIRECTLY AT 5551 McFADDEN PROVIDE YOUR DISHWASHER'S ADDRESS. *Date of instaltafion shah refer to the earlier of the date the dishwasher date 1 Year Pule Limited Warranty from defective under conditions of normal home use free of charge, performed...
  • Page 60 EXCLUSIONS: This warranty does not cover to provide instructions on the use of your wiring in your home or to repair any dishwasher customary for home use. In addition, arising from accident, alteration, beyond Sosch's control, such as fire.
  • Page 61: Customer Service

    Your Bosch dishwasher requires no special care other than that described in the Care and Cleaning section. If you are having a problem with your dishwasher, before calling for service please refer to the Self-Help section. If service is necessary, contact your dealer or installer or an authorized service center.
  • Page 62 You witl find the model and serial number information on the label located on the right-hand side of the inner door of your dishwasher, see Figure 1. It will took similiar to this: Please make a copy of your invoice and keep it with this manual.
  • Page 63 56 02 05 11 90 (8210) / CS# 481837...