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Korg ER-1mkII Owner's Manual: Changing The Pattern For A Specific Position; Recording Performances Or Knob Movements Into A Song (event Recording)

Rhythm synthesizer.
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5.Song mode
Changing the pattern for a specific
1. If you are playing back, press the Stop/Cancel key to stop
2. Use the cursor keys to make the parameter select LEDs indi-
3. Use the dial to select the position that you wish to modify.
4. Use the cursor keys to make the parameter select LEDs indi-
5. Use the dial to select the pattern that you wish to assign to
the selected position.
If you wish to audition the patterns as you select one, press the
Pattern mode key to enter Pattern mode, and listen to the play-
back. To return to Song mode, press the Stop/Cancel key to
stop playback, and then press the Song mode key.
Recording performances or knob
movements into a song
(Event Recording)
In addition to putting patterns together to create a song, Song
mode also allows you to realtime-record knob movements and
your performances on the part keys.
Recording this data in Song mode is referred to as "event re-
Four types of musical data (event data) can be recorded by event
· Pressing the part keys
· Using Part Mute or Part Solo
· Movements of the knobs or switches (only for the selected part)
· Tempo
Event recording allows you to record two or more types of events
in the same area, as long as the events are played at the same time.
Event recording always rewrites the previous data ("replace
recording"), and when you record your performance, any event
recording data previously in that area will be erased. (It is not
possible to layer event recording over the same area.)
1. Select the song on which you wish to record events.
2. Use the cursor keys to make the parameter select LEDs indi-
3. Use the dial or the SELECT keys to move to the position at
which you wish to begin recording.
4. Press the Rec key, and then press the Play/Pause key to be-
gin event recording.
5. Use the part keys and/or the knobs to perform.
6. Press the Stop/Cancel key to stop event recording.
If the musical data of the song coincides with the event-recorded
data, the song data will be given priority during playback.
Knob movements that are event-recorded in Song mode will
always playback in a way that corresponds to the SMOOTH
type motion sequence setting (and not the TRIG HOLD type).
If you wish to save the event recording, you must perform
the Write operation. If you switch songs or turn off the power
without performing the Write operation, the recorded per-
formance will be lost.
If during playback you operate a knob that had been event-
recorded, playback of the events of that knob will be can-
celled until it reaches the next position. However if you
modify the tempo that was event-recorded, the tempo will
be cancelled until the end of the song.
After rewinding a song, it may not be possible to playback
exactly according to the event data.


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