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Korg ER-1mkII Owner's Manual: Copying A Part (copy Part); Data Copy Within A Pattern; Erasing Part Or Delay Motion Sequence Data (clear Motion)

Rhythm synthesizer.
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4.Pattern mode

Copying a part (COPY PART)

You can copy the sound settings and rhythm pattern data (in-
cluding motion sequence) from another part to the selected part.
1. If the pattern is playing, press the Stop/Cancel key to stop
2. Press a part key to select the copy destination part (the key
will light).
3. Hold down the SHIFT key and press step key 10 (COPY
PART). (Key 10 will blink.) The display will begin blinking.
4. Rotate the dial to select the copy source pattern number.
5. Use the part keys to select the copy source part. (The copy
source key will blink, and the copy destination key will be
6. Press step key 10 once again to execute the Copy Part opera-
To cancel, press the Stop/Cancel key.
When copying between parts of the same type, the sound
and the rhythm pattern data will both be copied. However
when copying between parts of a different type, the sound
will not be copied.
For details on data copy within the same part, refer to the
following section "Data Copy within a part."

Data Copy within a pattern

Phrase pattern data (including motion sequence data) that you
create for a pattern of length 1 can be copied to the steps of
lengths 2...4. This function is a convenient way to create a pat-
tern that uses similar phrases repeatedly.
1. Create a pattern with a length of 1, and Write it into memory.
(Refer to p.32 "Saving a pattern.")
2. At this point, the same data as in length 1 will automatically
be copied to the steps of lengths 2...4.
3. Change the pattern length to the desired length. (Refer to p.26,
"Length, Scale/Beat settings.")
4. The steps of lengths 2...4 will contain the same data as length
1. Now you can edit the data of lengths 2...4 to complete the
The data will be copied in a similar way when the pattern length
is 2 or 3 (refer to the table below). If you shorten a pattern you
create, the data will be copied according to the shortened length.
The data that is copied automatically when you Write a
pattern does not force the pattern length (1--4) to change.
If the length is 4, data will not be copied within the pattern.
Erasing part or delay motion
sequence data (CLEAR MOTION)
This operation erases all the motion sequence data of a part or
of the delay.
1. If the pattern is playing, press the Stop/Cancel key to stop
2. Hold down the SHIFT key and press step key 11 (CLEAR
MOTION). (Key 11 will blink.)
3. Press the part key of the part whose motion sequence you
wish to erase, or press the Delay TYPE key. (The part key or
the Delay MOTION SEQ LED will blink.)
4. Press step key 11 once again to clear the motion sequence
data. If you selected the Delay motion sequence, both the
Depth and the Time motion sequences will be erased.
To cancel, press the Stop/Cancel key.


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