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Use Of Optional Remote Control Accessory (Part No. 7709003213); Operation; Reset Button; Program Button - Bosch C 950 Installation Manual

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40 | Operation instructions
Fig. 62
Use of optional remote control accessory (part no.
Fig. 63 Remote control
The wireless remote control accessory (Fig.87, component 13) and the
temperature selector buttons on the front of the water heater operate
identically. Contact your distributor to order the remote control
accessory. Modification of the water heaters interior control unit
(Fig.87, component 16) is required when installing the remote control
with this heater.
NOTE: up to 6 remote controls can be programmed for
one single water heater, each with a range distance of 98
ft (30 m).
6 720 805 440 (2014/11)


▶ When a hot water tap is opened, main burner ignites and LCD
displays indication
Fig. 64
▶ LCD flashes until selected temperature is reached.
▶ Power bar indicates power percentage in use.

Reset button

If the LCD shows the error symbol
the heater. Follow instructions below to reset error first.
Record the error code on LCD and consult "Problem solving" chapter
9.1, page 50.
Fig. 65
After following instructions indicated in "Troubleshooting" section,
▶ press reset button firmly in order to return heater to normal
Fig. 66 Reset button
If the problem persists, contact your installer.

Program button

Fig. 67 "Program" key
Memorizing selected temperature
▶ Press buttons
to select desired temperature.
▶ Hold "Program" button for 3 seconds to save temperature.
When LCD stops blinking, temperature is saved in memory.
Using "Program" function
In order to select memorized temperature
do not shut off power or unplug



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