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Installing/Removing A Power Supply; Installing A Power Supply - HP 5920 Switch Series Installation Manual

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Installing/removing a power supply

In power redundancy mode, you can replace a power supply without powering off the switch but must
strictly follow the installation and procedures in
damage to the switch.
The switches do not support intermixing of AC and DC power supplies.
The HP 5920 and 5900 switches come with both power supply slots empty and the power filler modules
as accessories.
You can install one or two power supplies for these switches as needed. For more information about the
power supplies available for the switches, see
Figure 17 Installation procedure
Figure 18 Removal procedure
The HP A58x0AF 650W AC power supply and the HP A58x0AF 650W DC power supply are referred to
as the 650W AC power supply and the 650W DC power supply throughout this installation guide.

Installing a power supply

Follow the forward inertia of the power supply when inserting it into the chassis, and make sure the
power supply has firm contact with the connectors on the backplane.
To prevent damage to the connectors inside the switch chassis, insert the power supply gently. If you
encounter a hard resistance while inserting the power supply, pull out the power supply and insert it
If only one power supply is installed, install a power filler module in the empty power supply slot for
good ventilation of the switch.
To install a 650W AC power supply or 650W DC power supply into the switch:
Wear an ESD wrist strap and make sure it makes good skin contact and is well grounded.
Unpack the power supply and verify that the power supply model is correct.
Correctly orient the power supply with the power supply slot (as shown in
handle of the power supply with one hand and support its bottom with the other, and slide the
power supply slowly along the guide rails into the slot.
The slot is foolproof. If you cannot insert the power supply into the slot, re-orient the power supply
rather than use excessive force to push it in.
Figure 17
Figure 18
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