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Listening To Tapes; Listening To The Radio; Fast Forward And Rewind - Sanyo MCD-UB575M Instruction Manual

Cd portable radio cassette recorder
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Removing the USB memory device
Do one of the followings:
Press the STOP n button (or the n button on
the remote controller).
To change to other functions.
Turn off the power.
Do not disconnect the USB memory device dur-
ing playback. If do, the data may be damaged.


1. Set the FUNCTION switch to TAPE/OFF.
2. Press the STOP/EJECT button. The cassette
holder opens.
3. Load the cassette into the cassette holder.
(Fig. 9)
After loading the cassette, push the cassette
holder back into position.
4. Press the PLAY button to begin playback.
5. Press the STOP/EJECT button to stop
playback at any time. Press it again to remove
the cassette.
When the end of the tape has been reached,
the tape stops automatically.
Use the normal tape (TYPE 1).
Endless tapes cannot be used.
Do not use C-100 (or longer) tapes. They
may jam in the mechanism.
Press the PAUSE button to temporarily stop
playback or recording. Press it again to resume

Fast forward and rewind

Press the F. FWD or REW button. When the
desired location has been reached, or the tape
has been wound to the end, press the STOP/
EJECT button.
575PAEn.indd 21
Automatic stop system
At the end of the tape while recording or playing
back, the cassette deck stops automatically and
the buttons are released.
This system does not work in fast forward and
rewind operation. Be sure to press the STOP/
EJECT button when the end of the tape has been
Example (When using C-60 tape):
Press the STOP/EJECT button after approxi-
matly 2 minutes have elapsed under fast for-
ward and rewind operation.


1. Set the FUNCTION switch to RADIO.
2. Select the desired radio band with the BAND
3. Tune in a desired station by turning the
TUNING control.
4. To turn the radio off, set the FUNCTION
switch to TAPE/OFF or CD/USB.
To receive FM stereo broadcasts
Set the FM MODE select switch (the back of the
unit) to ST.
If the signal from an FM stereo station is weak
and reception is poor, set the FM MODE
select switch to MONO. The reception may be
improved, but the sound will be monaural.
To improve reception
FM: Pull out the telescopic aerial and adjust
its position.
AM: Rotate the unit.
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