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Sanyo MAJ-R70 Instruction Manual

Micro cd hi-fi system sanyo maj-r70
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Micro CD Hi-Fi System



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  Summary of Contents for Sanyo MAJ-R70

  • Page 1 MAJ-R70 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Micro CD Hi-Fi System...
  • Page 2 e label on the label label...
  • Page 3 FM aerial AM loop aerial L ch speaker Speaker cloth R ch speaker SPEAKER Fig./Abb./Afb.1a EN-2...
  • Page 4 USB memory device Video/Auxiliary equipment Less than 30 cm Headphones Removing the SD/MMC card SD/MMC Fig./Abb./Afb.1b EN-3...
  • Page 5: Main Unit

    19 20 23 24 25 main unit 4, 5 sub-woofer Fig./Abb./Afb.2a EN-4...
  • Page 6 Two R03/AAA batteries (not supplied) Fig./Abb./Afb.4 Fig./Abb./Afb.3 EN-5...
  • Page 7: Auxiliary Equipment

    CONNECTIONS PRECAUTIONS Note: The apparatus shall no be exposed to drip- - Do not connect the mains lead to an AC out- ping or splashing. let until all connection have been made. Do not use where there are extremes of - The system is not completely disconnected temperature (below 5°C or exceeding 35°C), from the mains when the...
  • Page 8: Usb Memory Device

    TOP OF THE UNIT (Fig. 1b) • In the CD/MP3 mode, USB or SD/MMC: to start or interrupt play. USB memory device 12. RANDOM Key • In the CD/MP3 mode, USB or SD/MMC: to set or Connect the USB memory device (such as Digi- release the random mode.
  • Page 9: Adjusting The Clock

    4. Press the SKIP+/UP or SKIP-/DOWN to set REMOTE CONTROLLER the “minute” section. Controls (Fig.3) ON Key 06 : 0 0 2. TIMER/SLEEP Key 12. OVER 13. NUMBER Key 14. MEMO/CLOCK Key 15. FUNCTION Key 5. Press the MEMO/CLK ADJ buttonor MEMO/ CLOCK on remote control .The clock starts.
  • Page 10: Audio Cd Operation

    6.Press the STOP /BAND button(or the STOP button AUDIO CD OPERATION button on the remote controller) to stop disc playback a Use compact discs bearing the symbol shown playback at any time. When the last track has been played in Fig.6. In addition to conventional 12cm played,it stops automatically.
  • Page 11 Search forward playback (forward/reverse) Press and holding down the button during playback ,it will search at high speed in the forward or reverse direction. When the button is released, normal play will continue. 4. Repeat steps 2-3 above to programme addi- tional tracks.
  • Page 12: Mp3/Wma Cd Operation

    MEMO/CLOCK button on the remote con- - MP3/WMA CD may not be played back in the troller). recorded order. - Music section in “CD Extra” can be played Note: back, not data section. Programmed details cannot be partially deleted Notes on disc writing method or inserted.
  • Page 13: Display Selection

    Note: Other various playback operations, please refer to the related description of “AUDIO CD OPERA- TION” (page 9-11). Display selection The ID3_Tag is an information field for MP3/WMA. 3. Press the ALBUM/PRESET DN/UP or Music title, artist name and album name can FOLDER/PRESET button on the remote be stored into the tag.
  • Page 14 scroll over on the display, then the first MP3/ USB MEMORY DEVICE OPERATION WMA file number in the folder appears. • IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS • -Copyright protection files cannot be played back. - Copyright protection fi les on the USB memory device are skipped automatically when played back.
  • Page 15: Changing A Programme

    Changing a programme - The same MP3/WMA fi le can be programm- ed more than once. To change a MP3/WMA file 1. In the stop mode, press the MEMO/CLK 1. Press the MEMO/CLK ADJ button (or the ADJ button (or the MEMO /CLOCK button MEMO/CLOCK button on the remote con- on the remote controller) repeatedly until the troller) in the stop mode, “PROG.”...
  • Page 16: Before Use

    Programmed playback SD/MMC CARD OPERATION Up to 32 MP3/WMA files can be programme for playback in any order. • IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS • - First, select “CARD FUNCTION” and con- - Copyright protection files cannot be nect the CARD memory device you want pro- played back.
  • Page 17: Removing The Sd/Mmc Card

    Changing a programme Removing the SD/MMC card To change a MP3/WMA file 1. Press the STOP /BAND(or the stop button on the remote controller). 1. In the stop mode, press the MEMO/CLK ADJ button (or the MEMO /CLOCK button 2. Push the card slightly into the slot to release. on the remote controller) repeatedly until the (see Fig.1b.) MP3/ WMA fi...
  • Page 18: Listening To The Radio

    4. While “PROG”. is blinking press the MEMO/ LISTENING TO THE RADIO CLK ADJ button (or the MEMO /CLOCK but- ton on the remote controller). Automatic/Manual tuning 5. Repeat steps above to add more Preset 1. Press the FUNCTION button to select “TUN- stations.
  • Page 19 Recording copyright material without permission of the copyright owners is usually an in- frigement. if you wish to re-record copyright material, permission from the copyright owner is necessary. SANYO does not approve of, and cannot be held responsible for,any unlawful use of this unit.
  • Page 20 Precaution in recording to SD/MMC card Set the writing protection chip to the loction “LOCK” can prevent mis writing on the card. Before recording or do advanced operations, assure the chip is not in locked. - The maxinum recording contain number of tracks in an SD/MMC card is 999.
  • Page 21 4. In STOP mode, Press REC key, copy all fi le USB/CARD COPY to USB or SD/MMC card FCOPY folder. 1. Press Function key, to select USB or 5. In USB or CARD STOP mode, select fi le to CARD mode. delete.
  • Page 22 7. In USB or CARD delete fi le mode, Press and hold REC key, “FORMAT N Y” will appear on the LCD. Press select Y, Press REC key to format USB or SD or MMC card. EN-21...
  • Page 23: Timer Operation

    4. Turn the VOLUME control to adjust volume. TIMER OPERATION Wake-up timer (only remote) Set the on and off-time, and function to be used. Operation will start with the selected function at the on-time. 5. Press the SLEEP/TIMER or TIMER/SLEEP The power will be switched off at the off-time.
  • Page 24: Maintenance

    Sleep timer The sleep timer automatically turns off the pow- er after a present time has elapsed. there are 9time periods vailable:90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 minutes,OFF. Example: Select the sleep time of 40 minutes. Press SLEEP/TIMER or TIMER/SLEEP on remote control until the desired sleep time 40 minutes appears.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE SYMPTOM SYMPTOM POSSIBLE CAUSE POSSIBLE CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION CORRECTIVE ACTION No power The operation of the unit or display is not No mains lead plug connection at the AC normal. outlet. The unit must be reset. Insert the plug into the AC outlet. 1.
  • Page 26: Specifications

    USB: For USB memory device Weight: CARD: For SD/MMC card 1. 5 Kg/speaker Sub-woofer systems: Maximum power- handling capacity: 50W (RMS) Nominal impedance: 4 ohms Dimensions: 170(W) x 256(D) x 172(H) mm Weight: 3.15 Kg SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd. CODE NO.: 820-346000010-S59 Made in China...