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Remote Controller - Sanyo MCD-UB575M Instruction Manual

Cd portable radio cassette recorder
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The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping
or splashing.
No object filled with liquid, such as vase shall
be placed on the apparatus.
Do not use where there are extremes of
temperature (below 5
Because of the CD playerʼs extremely low
noise and wide dynamic range, there
might be a tendency to set the volume on
the amplifier unnecessarily high. Doing so
may produce an excessively large output
from the amplifier which could damage your
Sudden change in the ambient temperature
may cause condensation to form on the opti-
cal lens inside the unit. If this happens, take
out the disc, leave the unit for about 1 hour,
and then proceed to operate.
Where the MAINS plug or an appliance
coupler is used as the disconnect device,
the disconnect device shall remain
readily operable.
To be completely disconnect the power input,
the mains plug of apparatus shall be discon-
nected from the mains.
Do not install this equipment in a con-
fined space, such as a book case or built in
The rating label is located on the back of
the unit.
Emergency measures
If this product has a problem, turn off the power,
disconnect the mains lead then contact our ser-
vice station immediately.
An appropriate service will be offered by our ser-
vice station.
1. Function switch (RADIO, CD/USB, TAPE/
2. CD Compartment Lid
3. Band select switch (BAND)
4. Tuning control (TUNING)
5. Frequency indicator
6. CD compartment open button (CD OPEN)
7. Record button (REC)
8. Play button (PLAY)
9. Rewind button (REW)
10. Fast forward button (F. FWD)
575PAEn.indd 14
11. Stop/Eject button (STOP/EJECT)
12. Pause button (PAUSE)
13. Headphones socket (PHONES)
14. USB port (USB AUDIO)
15. Bass expander button (BASSXPANDER)
16. Volume control (VOLUME)
17. CD function button (CD)
18. Remote sensor (IR)
C or exceeding
19. Display
20. Play/Pause button (PLAY/PAUSE i)
21. Stop button (STOP n)
22. Skip/Search up/Folder select button
23. Repeat/Random button
24. Cassette holder
25. Memory/Folder button (MEMORY/FOLDER)
26. Skip/Search down/Folder select button
27. USB function button (USB)
28. Telescopic aerial
29. AC input socket (AC INPUT~)
30. Battery compartment lid
31. FM mode/Beat cancel switch


Controls (Fig. 3)
1. Play/Pause button (i)
2. Stop button (n)
3. CD function button (CD)
4. Repeat/Random button
5. USB function button (USB)
6. Batteries compartment (back of the unit)
7. Skip/Search/Folder select buttons
8. Folder/Memory button
Inserting batteries (Fig. 4)
Install two "AAA/HP16/R03" batteries (not sup-
Always remove batteries if the remote controller
is not to be used for a month or more. Batteries
left in it may leak and cause damage.
Remote control range (Fig. 5)
The buttons on the remote controller perform
similar function to similarly marked buttons on
the main unit.
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