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Power Cord - NEC MultiSync E232WMT User Manual


Table of Contents
3. Place hands on each side of the monitor to tilt the LCD panel and lift up to the highest position.
Handle with care when tilting the monitor screen.
4. Connect all cables to the appropriate connectors (Figure C.1). For using the USB cable, connect the B type connector to the
USB upstream port on the right back side of the monitor and the A type connector to the downstream port on the computer
(Figure C.1a). If using the cable from a USB device, plug into one of the downstream ports of the monitor.
Incorrect cable connections may cause abnormal operation, damage display quality/components of LCD module and/
or shorten the module's life.
USB 3.0 Downstream

Power cord

5. Connect one end of the power cord to the AC inlet on the back of the monitor and the other end to the power outlet.
Please refer to Caution section of this manual for proper selection of AC power cord.
6. Turn on the computer and the monitor by pressing the power key on the side bezel (Figure E.1).
7. No Touch Auto Adjust automatically adjusts the monitor to optimal settings upon initial setup. For further adjustments, use
the following OSD controls:
Contrast (Only when Eco Mode Off)
H.SIZE (Analog input only)
Fine (Analog input only)
Refer to the Controls section of this User's Manual for a full description of these OSD controls.
When the USB cable of this monitor is connected to the computer, the driver is automatically installed on the
computer and the touch panel, camera, and microphone are activated. When it is connected for the first time, it may
take time for the computer to recognize the monitor.
If you have any problems, please refer to the Troubleshooting section of this User's Manual.
USB 3.0 Downstream
Audio Input
USB Upstream
Figure C.1
B Type
B Type
Figure C.1a
A Type
A Type


Table of Contents

Table of Contents