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MultiSync E222W
User's Manual



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  • Page 1 MultiSync E222W User’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Index Warning, Caution ... English-1 Registration Information ... English-1 Recommended use ... English-3 Contents ... English-5 Quick Start ... English-6 Controls ... English-10 Specifications ...English-13 Features ... English-14 Troubleshooting ... English-15 TCO Displays 5.0 ... English-16 Manufacturer’s Recycling and Energy Information ... English-17...
  • Page 3: Warning, Caution

    – EN 61000-3-2 – EN 61000-3-3 – EN 55024 WARNING CAUTION European U.K. Continental EU (except U.K.) U.K. Declaration of the Manufacturer and marked with NEC Display Solutions, Ltd. English-1 Chinese Japanese China Japan 4-13-23, Shibaura, Minato-Ku Tokyo 108-0023, Japan...
  • Page 4: Canadian Department Of Communications Compliance Statement

    NaViSet is a trademark of NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH in the countries of EU and Switzerland. MultiSync is a registered trademark of NEC Display Solutions, Ltd. in the countries of U.K., Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Finland.
  • Page 5: Recommended Use

    NOTE: As with all personal display devices, NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS recommends displaying moving images and using a moving screen saver at regular intervals whenever the screen is idle or turning off the monitor when not in use.
  • Page 6 CORRECT PLACEMENT AND ADJUSTMENT OF THE MONITOR CAN REDUCE EYE, SHOULDER AND NECK FATIGUE. CHECK THE • For optimum performance, allow 20 minutes for warm-up. • Adjust the monitor height so that the top of the screen is at or slightly below eye level. Your eyes should look slightly downward when viewing the middle of the screen.
  • Page 7: Contents

    Contents Your new NEC MultiSync LCD monitor box* should contain the following: • MultiSync LCD monitor with tilt/swivel/pivot/height adjust base • Power Cord • Base stand • Video Signal Cable (15-pin mini D-SUB male to 15-pin mini D-SUB male) •...
  • Page 8: Quick Start

    Quick Start To attach the Base to the LCD stand: 1. Place monitor face down on a non-abrasive surface (Figure 1). NOTE: Handle with care when monitor facing down, for avoiding damage to the front control buttons. 2. Please pivot base 90 degrees as shown in Figure 1. NOTE: Handle with care when pulling the stand.
  • Page 9: Raise And Lower Monitor Screen

    6. Connect the power cord to the power outlet (Figure C.1). NOTE: Please refer to Caution section of this manual for proper selection of AC power cord. 7. Turn on the monitor with the front power button and the computer (Figure C.1). 8.
  • Page 10: Screen Rotation

    Screen Rotation Before rotating, the screen must be raised to the highest level to avoid knocking the screen on the desk or pinching with your fingers. To raise the screen, with one hand, grip the top of the display by the handle using the other hand to grip the bottom. Lift up to the highest position (Figure RL.1).
  • Page 11: Flexible Arm Installation

    7. Reverse this process to re-attach stand. NOTE: Use only VESA-compatible alternative mounting method. Handle with care when removing stand. NOTE: Match “TOP SIDE” mark on stand to top side of the monitor head when re-attaching stand. “TOP SIDE” mark Please match top side of the monitor Flexible Arm Installation...
  • Page 12: Controls

    Controls OSD (On-Screen Display) control buttons on the front of the monitor function as follows: To access OSD menu, press any of the control buttons (MENU, Left, Right, Down, Up). To change signal input, press the SELECT button. To change DV MODE, press the RESET/DV MODE button. NOTE: OSD must be closed in order to change signal input.
  • Page 13: Menu Tools

    Image Controls (Analog input only) LEFT / RIGHT Controls Horizontal Image Position within the display area of the LCD. DOWN / UP Controls Vertical Image Position within the display area of the LCD. H.SIZE Adjusts the horizontal size by increasing or decreasing this setting. FINE Improves focus, clarity and image stability by increasing or decreasing this setting.
  • Page 14 Information The Information menu indicates the current input, display resolution, horizontal and vertical frequency, and polarity settings of the monitor. The model and serial numbers of your monitor are also indicated. CARBON SAVINGS: Display the estimated carbon saving information in kg. The carbon footprint factor in the carbon saving calculation is based on the OECD (2008 Edition).
  • Page 15: Specifications

    @ 60 Hz to 75 Hz 1400 x 1050* @ 60 Hz to 75 Hz NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS cites recommended 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz...resolution for optimal display performance. AC 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz 0.45 - 0.25 A 20.0 inches (W) x 15.1 - 19.5 inches (H) x 8.4 inches (D)
  • Page 16: Features

    Carbon conversion factor - conversion factor is based on OECD publication of global CO2 emissions 2008 Edition). This monitor has a manufacturing carbon footprint of approximately 26.8 kg. Note: The manufacturing and operating carbon footprints are calculated by a unique algorithm developed exclusively by NEC for its monitors.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    NOTE: As with all personal display devices, NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS recommends displaying moving images and using a moving screen saver at regular intervals whenever the screen is idle or turning off the monitor when not in use.
  • Page 18: Tco Displays 5.0

    TCO Displays 5.0 This display is designed for both you and the planet! TCO Certified is a third party verified program, where every product model is tested by an accredited impartial test laboratory. TCO Certified represents one of the toughest certifications for displays worldwide.
  • Page 19: Manufacturer's Recycling And Energy Information

    Manufacturer’s Recycling and Energy Information NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS is strongly committed to environmental protection and sees recycling as one of the company’s top priorities in trying to minimize the burden placed on the environment. We are engaged in developing environmentally- friendly products, and always strive to help define and comply with the latest independent standards from agencies such as ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) and TCO (Swedish Trades Union).

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