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Nokia Mediamaster 9602 S Owner's Manual: Glossary Of Terms

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Glossary of terms

Access Authorisation to use the coding system to
purshase/order TV programmes.
Audio system
With digital satellite reception, the
sound is transmitted in packages and is selected either
in a special audio mode or pre-selected by using instal-
lation set-up. This gives the opportunity to select be-
tween several different languages to a movie. Amount
of choices is dependent on what is available in the sig-
Conditional Access
Coded satellite TV programme
Some satellite TV programmes (PAY TV) are transmit-
ted in encoded form. A CA module and a Smart Card is
needed to view such programmes.
Digital Video Broadcast
Electronic Programming Guide. Programme in-
formation shown on the TV screen.
Forward Error Correction. System for correction
of bit-errors which can occur during a transmission.
Abbreviation for GigaHertz. The prefix Giga
means billion, and Hertz means cycles per second. Sig-
nals in the GHz range are often called microwaves.
Impulse Pay-Per-View. System for, via the built
in phone modem, quick ordering of some special pro-
grammes e. g. movies and sport.
LNB (low-noise block converter) or LNBF
The LNB is an electronic unit mounted on the satellite
dish. It receives the signals reflected by the dish and con-
verts them to signals that can be used by the Media-
Local Oscillator. Part of the LNB. It converts the
satellite frequency to a usable signal for the Media-
Mediamaster The unit that converts the digital satellite
signals from the LNB into audio and video signals. The
audio and video signal will be sent to the TV set via
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group. A system for
compression of digital data.
NVOD Near Video On Demand. System for ordering pro-
Package Identifier.
PIN code
Personal Identification Number.
A four-digit code that is used for locking/unlocking, e.g.
with the parental control feature. Default value is nor-
mally 0000 or 1234.
Satellite dish A dish-shaped antenna (reflector) to re-
ceive signals from a satellite. The dish focuses the sig-
nals on the LNB.
Parental control A feature that allows parents to "lock"
programmes that they concider unsuitable for children.
A "locked" programme can only be "unlocked" with the
special secret code (PIN code).
Polarisation Polarisation allows several programmes to
be fitted into the same frequency band. The signals from
a satellite are transmitted either with linear (vertical or
horizontal) polarisation or circular (right or left) polarisa-
Pay Per View
Radio frequency (known as HF in some coun-
RS 232 Serial data port
High speed data interface. A special connector
for e.g. a CD-ROM player.
A connector used for connection of e.g.
Mediamasters, video recorders and TV sets. Also named
Euroconnector or Peritel connector.
Symbol rate Size of the digital package transmission.
Transport Stream. No TS indication on the display
means that there is no signal in to the Mediamaster.
Video Cassette Recorder.
GB 27


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