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Brewing Coffee; Descaling The Appliance; Cleaning And Maintenance; Technical Data - Black & Decker DCM25 User Manual


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• Close the lid (6)
Note! Do not fill above the MAX mark in the
water tank.
Warning! DO NOT open the lid (6) whilst the
coffee maker is on. Hot water may be ejected.

Switching on and off

• To switch the appliance on, press the on/off
button (11).
• To switch the appliance off, press the on/off
button (11) again.

Brewing coffee

• Ensure that the removable stand (5) is fitted
into the base (13).
• Add coffee as described.
• Add water as described.
• Close the lid (6)
• Place the cup onto the removable stand.
• Switch the appliance on. (The indicator light
(12) on the right side of the appliance will
come on.)
Note!.This product does not have an anti drip
nozzle. Switch the appliance off and wait for the
coffee to stop flowing before removing the cup.

Cleaning and maintenance

Warning! Before cleaning and maintenance,
switch the appliance off and remove the plug
from the socket.
• Remove the filter (1) and the filter holder (2)
from the filter holder support (9). Remove the
used coffee grounds from the filter.
• Remove the water outlet (7) by pulling it
• Wash the cup (4), water outlet (7) filter holder
(2) and the filter (1) in hot, soapy water.
Rinse then dry all parts thoroughly then re-fit
refit them.
• Wipe the outside of the appliance with a
damp cloth.
De-scaling the appliance
If the appliance is used in an area with hard
water, it is advised to de-scale the appliance
when from time to time.
• Use a commercial de-scaling agent for coffee
makers, or use water and white vinegar as
• Fill the water tank (8) and add 3 teaspoons
of vinegar. Operate the appliance as for
making coffee until the reservoir is empty.
• Discard the used water and repeat the
procedure 2 or 3 times with fresh water.

Technical data

220 – 240 Volts
(50-60 Hz)
0.748 kg

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents