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Adding Coffee; Adding Water - Black & Decker DCM25 User Manual


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Additional safety instructions
for coffee makers
Warning! The lid may become hot during use.
Warning! Steam may escape from the unit.
• Allow the appliance to cool before fitting or
removing any parts and before cleaning.
• Do not immerse the appliance in liquid.
Warning! Never use the appliance without
water in the reservoir.
Before first use
• Unpack the coffee maker and remove all
packaging, promotional materials and
stickers. Remove all printed documents.
• Check that your mains supply is the same as
the one indicated on the appliance.
• Position the appliance on a flat, stable work
surface, away from the edge and other
electrical appliances. Ensure that the coffee
maker is not positioned under any cupboards
or near any furnishings, wallpaper or similar
that could be damaged by hot steam.
• Wash all removable parts of the appliance in
warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly
with a soft cloth. Do not use harsh/abrasive
cleaners or place any part of the appliance in
the dishwasher.
Warning! Never immerse the main body of the
appliance, cord set or plug in water or any other
• We recommend that you first familiarise
yourself with all parts of the appliance before
using it for the first time. Do not fill with water
or connect to the mains supply when doing
• To remove any remaining residue from the
manufacturing process, we recommend
operating the coffee maker as described in
the ' Use ' section. This will flush the
appliance out. Use water only, do not add
Note! Ensure that the coffee maker mains cord
does not overhang the edge of the worktop
Note! When the coffee maker is plugged in and
operated for the first time, there may be a small
amount of smoke and/or odour as the heating
elements warm up. This represents no danger
or malfunction with the product and should clear
after a couple of uses.

Adding coffee

• Place the filter (1) in the filter holder (2). Add
the desired amount of coffee.
• Open the lid (6).
• Rotate the water outlet (7) towards the back
of the appliance and place the filter holder
(2) in the filter holder support (9). Make sure
the support clip (3) on the filter holder (2) fits
securely over the recess on the right hand
side of the filter holder support (9).
• Rotate the water outlet (7) back towards the
front of the appliance so it is over the coffee
in the filter (1).

Adding water

Using the cup (4), fill the water tank (8) with the
desired quantity of COLD water.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents