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Special Functions - Xerox NC-300D Series Installation Manual

10/100base-tx to 100base-fx
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1.4 Special Functions

Auto MDI/MDI-X Function
This function allows the TP port to auto-detect the twisted-pair signals
and adapts itself to form a valid MDI to MDI-X connection with the
remote connected device automatically.
Auto-negotiation Function
When TP port is set on Auto-negotiation mode (SW1:ON), it is featured
with auto-negotiation function and full capability. It performs a negotia-
tion process for the speed and duplex configuration with the connected
device automatically when each time a link is being established.
Far End Fault Function
The FX port is facilitated with this function, which conforms to IEEE
802.3u 100BASE-FX specifications. When the FX port detects a link
failure on its receiving circuitry, it will send out an FEFI (Far End Fault
Indication) signal to the remote connected device to indicate a remote
fault is detected. It also is capable to receive FEFI signal sent from the
remote link partner. Upon receiving an FEFI signal, it indicates a link
failure occurred on the transmitting path. This function allows the con-
verter to report a fiber link fault even when a link failure occurred on
transmitting fiber cable.


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