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Function Setup Barcodes; Led Indicators - Inateck BCST-10 Quick Start Manual

Barcode scanner
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German Keyboard
French Keyboard
Spainish Keyboard
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Eg: Switching to German keyboard
German Keyboard
Read 'Start Setting' Barcode
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Function Setup Barcodes

(Note: the barcode with * is default setting of BCST-10)
Enable Code bar
Enable Industral 25
Enable Interleaved 25
Enable Matrix 25
Enable Standard 25
Common Function Barcodes
Do not Apply Enter for suffix
Exit Auto Power Off
Enable Auto-induction Mode
Enble SPP
1. Please remove the power and USB cable under thunderstorm weather, to
avoid damage from thunder and lightning.
2. Away heat source, keep ventilating.
3. Pay attention to waterproof during storage, transportation and running.
4. Please use the matched power adapter offered by the supplier.
(*) Disable Code bar
(*) Enable Code 39
(*) Disable Industrial 25
Enable Code 93
(*) Disable Interleaved 25
(*) Enable Code 128
(*) Disable Matrix 25
(*) Enable EAN-8
(*) Disable Standard 25
Disable EAN-13

LED Indicators

Indicator Colour
Green LED on(1s) and off quickly
Purple, Flashing (On/Off ratio 1:1)
Blue, Flashing (On/Off ratio 1:1)
Blue, Flashing (On/Off ratio 20ms:3s)
Apply Tab for suffix
Red, Flashing (On/Off ratio 1:1)
Battery Status
Charging (Bluetooth disconnected)
Disable Auto Upload
Charging (Bluetooth connected)
Battery full charge (Bluetooth disconnected)
Battery full charge (Bluetooth connected)
Note: The charging status light only displays when the device is turned on.
Bluetooth Input Method
SPP Batch Upload
One long beep, high tone
One short beep, high tone
One long beep, low tone
Two short beeps, high tone
Two short beeps, low-high tone
Two short beeps, high-low tone
Three short beeps, tone descending
from high to low
Three short beeps, tone ascending
from low to high
Disable Code 39
(*) Disable Code 93
Disable Code 128
Disable EAN-8
(*) Enable EAN-13
Good Read, with one short beep (high tone)
Indicates the BCST-10 Scanner in Setting mode
Indicates the BT is waiting for connection or BCST-10 is
out of transmission range
Indicates the BCST-10 Scanner establish a BT
connection successfully, or it is reconnect with BT.
Indicates the BCST-10 Scanner has no address of BT
which connects with before.
LED Indicator
Red and green indicator flashing
Blue and green indicator flashing
Red indicator flashing
Blue indicator flashing
Power on.
Read barcode, with green LED on (1s) and off quickly
Configuration error, with purple flashing;
Or transmit buffer full, with green LED on and off quickly
Power off.
BT connection established, with blue LED flashing
(On/Off ratio 20ms:3s).
BT connection out of range or suspended, with blue LED
flashing (On/Off ratio 1:1).
Enter or Exit Setting mode, with purple LED flashing.
Configuration correct, with purple LED flashing;
Disable UPC-E
(*) Enable UPC-E
Enable MSI
(*) Disable MSI
(*) Disable Code 11
Enable Code 11
Exit with Save
Enter Setup

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