Safety Guidelines - Definitions; Important Safety Instructions - Black & Decker BC12 Instruction Manual

Automatic and manual control smart charger
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3. Electrical safety
Your tool is double insulated; therefore no earth
wire is required. Always check that the main voltage
corresponds to the voltage on the rating plate.
Warning! If the power cord is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manufacturer, authorized
Black & Decker Service Center or an equally
qualified person in order to avoid damage or
injury. If the power cord is replaced by an equally
qualified person, but not authorized by Black &
Decker, the warranty will not be valid.
4. Labels on tool
The label on your tool may include the following symbols:
Hz .......
W ........
min .....
Use Eye
Use Ear
V ........
A ........
Danger! Indicates an imminently hazardous situation
which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury.
Warning! Indicates a potentially hazardous situation
which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.
Caution! Indicates a potentially hazardous situation
which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury.
Caution! Used without the safety alert symbol indicates
potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may
result in property damage.
Risk of unsafe operation. When using tools or
equipment, basic safety precautions should always be
followed to reduce the risk of personal injury. Improper
operation, maintenance or modification of tools or
equipment could result in serious injury and property
damage. There are certain applications for which tools
and equipment are designed. Black & Decker strongly
recommends that this product Not be modified and/or used
for any application other than for which it was designed.
Read and understand all warnings and operating
instructions before using any tool or equipment.
...... Class II


Warning! Burst hazard:
Do not use the unit for charging dry-cell batteries that are
commonly used with home appliances. These batteries may
burst and cause injury to persons and damage property.
Use the unit for charging/boosting a Lead-Acid battery only.
It is not intended to supply power to a low- voltage electrical
system other than in a starter-motor application.
Warning! Shock hazard:
f If an extension cord is used, make sure that:
a. The pins of extension cord are the same number,
size and shape as those in the charger,
b. The extension cord is properly wired and in good
electrical condition,
c. The wire size is large enough for the AC rating of
the charger.
f Do not operate unit with damaged cord or plug;
or if the unit has received a sharp blow, been dropped,
Safety Alert
or otherwise damaged in any way. Do not disassemble
the unit; take it to a qualified service technician when
or Recipro-
service or repair is required. Incorrect reassembly
cation per
may result in a risk of electric shock or fire, and will
void warranty.
f Use of an attachment not supplied, recommended or sold
by manufacturer specifically for use with this unit may
result in a risk of electrical shock and injury to persons.
f Never submerge this unit in water; do not expose it to
rain, snow or use when wet.
f To reduce risk of electric shock, disconnect the unit
from any power source before attempting maintenance
or cleaning. Turning off controls without disconnecting
will not reduce this risk.
Warning! Risk of explosive gases:
f Working in the vicinity of a lead acid battery is
dangerous. Batteries generate explosive gases
during normal battery operation. For this reason,
it is of the utmost importance that each time before
using the jump-starter you read this manual and follow
instructions exactly.
f To reduce the risk of battery explosion, follow
these instructions and those published by the
battery manufacturer and manufacturer of any
equipment you intend to use in the vicinity of the
battery. Review cautionary markings on these
products and on the engine.
f This equipment employs parts (switches, relays, etc.)
that produce arcs or sparks. Therefore, if used in a
garage or enclosed area, the unit must be placed not
less than 18 inches (460mm) above the floor..
f This unit is not for use by children and should
only be operated by adults.

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