Battery Charging Time - Black & Decker BC12 Instruction Manual

Automatic and manual control smart charger
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Reconditioning Mode may help reverse the effects of
sulphation and restore a batteries ability to accept a charge.
If the charger detects a sulphated battery, it will automatically
activate Battery Reconditioning mode, indicated by a blinking
yellow LED. And the digital display will show you "-" in
turns. If successful, normal recharging will resume after the
battery is desulphated. If the first attempt at desulphation is
unsuccessful, the battery charger will make up to four more
attempts. If still unsuccessful at desulphating the battery, fault
code "F01" will be displayed indicating the battery will not
accept a charge and should be replaced.
Aborted charges
If charging can't be completed normally, charging will be
aborted. The digital display may show a fault code. To
reset the charger after an aborted charge, disconnect the
battery or unplug the charger.
Battery diagnotics
The charger continuously monitors battery condition and
may report certain charging failures as fault codes. Refer
to the section called "Fault codes" for a complete list.
Cooling fan operation
The charger is designed to control its high speed cooling
fan for efficient operation. Consequently, it is normal for
the fan to start and stop during charging.
Overheat protection
The charger is designed to shut itself off if overheating
is detected. Once the charger cools down, it will resume
charging automatically.
1. Display Panel: It can indicate present voltage,
present current, present battery capacity or wrong
condition code. With AC power input, when not
connected to the battery, the charger shows that
there is no power output with the display panel present
moving "8". After connected to the battery, the panel
will display the battery information according to
what you choose. If the battery voltage is higher than
13.6±0.2V, the panel will displays "FUL".
When error occurs, the panel displays error code.
The meanings of the codes and the solutions are
enumerated in the troubleshooting table.
2. Current Indicator: It is a green LED indicator. When
the display panel indicates the present current, this
LED indicator illuminates.
3. Voltage Indicator: It is a green LED indicator. When
the display panel indicates the present voltage, the
voltage LED indicator illuminates.
4. Battery Capacity (%): When the display panel indicates
the battery level, this LED indicator will illuminate.
5. Automatic Charging Indicator: it indicates the
charging rate you choose is automatic.
6. 2A Current Indicator: It indicates the charging rate
you choose is 2A.
7. 8A Current Indicator: It indicates the charging rate
you choose is 8A.
8. 12A Current Indicator: It indicates the charging rate
you choose is 12A.
9. Charging State Selecting Switch: You can choose
the charge rates 2A, 8A or 12A, by pressing this switch.
10. Display Button Switch: You can choose what to
display on the panel by pressing the button. The
default display is the current charging rate.
11. Reverse Polarity LED Indicator: The LED light will
be red when clips connected the battery in the wrong way.
12. Battery Recondition Indicator: It is a yellow LED,
when the battery is reconditioned, this LED flash.
The charger will estimate automatically whether the
battery recondition is needed. It will recondition the
battery only when the battery has gone into float
charge and the voltage is lower than 13V. The process
cycles every 4±0.5h until the voltage is higher than
13V. If it cycles 5 times and the voltage is still lower
than 13V, there will be a code "F01" present on the
display panel, indicating error. Please replace the battery.
13. Charging State LED Indicator: It is a green LED, when
battery is charged at a constant current or a constant
voltage, the green LED flash. When the battery goes
into float charge, the charger will cut receiving power
to battery for1 minute to check the charging state.
At this time, the green LED illuminates. If it checks the
battery is full charged or goes into float charge, this
green LED will illuminate steadily.
14. Cooling Fan: Built-in high-speed cooling fan.
When you charge battery in the constant current or
constant voltage condition, and the current is higher
than 3.5A,or temperature is more than 122ºF (50ºC)
fan will run automatically.


The built-in intelligent microprocessor will continuously
monitor and adjust the charger to provide a fast, safe and
efficient charge. Note that battery charge times will vary
depending on several factors including:
low Battery
Current battery level
Full Battery

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Table of Contents

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