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Automatic and manual control smart charger
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First, prepare your battery and make output cable and
AC power connections following the precautions and
instructions described in "Preparing to charge". Once
the AC cord is plugged in, the charger will begin charging
in the Optimal Charge mode. The charger will then do
everything else automatically.
Note: If you connect AC first and without connecting the
DC cables to the battery, the digital display will show you
"8" in turns, once you connect DC cables to the battery,
the digital display will show you the charging current.
The section called "Charger controls and features" will
provide greater detail about how your charger operates
and some of its features.
Digital display mode selection
Press the Display Mode button to toggle digital display
content as follows:
f Current (A): When selected, charging current will be
f Voltage (V): When selected, present battery voltage
will be displayed. The voltage displayed is the present
charging voltage.
f Battery Capacity (%): When selected, approximate
percentage of battery charge will be displayed.
• At less than 50% battery capacity, the display will
read "LO"
• The display will increase in 10% increments
between 50% to 90% capacity. Such as " 80".
• At full charge, the display will read will read "FUL"
Charge Rate Selection
Press the Charge Rate button to select desired charge
rate as follows:
f 2A - 12A Automatic Charge: To help extend the life
of your battery and ensure it is delivering its maximum
potential, it is important to charge the battery at a
rate that is appropriate and safe for its capacity.
Charging a battery at too high a charge rate, while
fast, may shorten the expected life of a battery.
Charging a battery at too low a charge rate, while
safer, takes longer and does not ensure the battery
will reach 100% of its capacity. Optimal Charge
logic automatically selects the ideal charge rate for
your battery. In Optimal Charge mode, the charger
starts charging at a low, safe current. Gradually, the
charger increases current as the battery demonstrates
it can accept a higher current. The result is a battery
safely charged to its utmost capacity.
f 8A or 12A Charge Rate: Use for faster charging of
small-to-large capacity automotive, marine, deep
cycle and farm tractor batteries.
f 2A Charge Rate: Use for charging motorcycle, ATV,
snowmobile, personal watercraft, garden tractor and
golf car batteries.
f 2A Maintainer Mode: Use for maintain the battery
with large capacity.


Connection methods
This charger comes with 2 run connect charging leads for
extra versatility – standard clamps and ring terminals. The
battery may be charged using any of the two connection options.
Warning! you can only select one charging method for
charging at one time.
Charge status indicator
A blinking green LED indicates that the battery is being
charged. A solid green LED indicates that the battery is
fully charged or that the charger is in Maintenance mode.
Automatic shut OFF
The battery charger is designed to automatically shut off
once battery charging is complete to prevent overcharging.
When charging is complete, the Charge Status LED will
stop blinking and the digital display will read "FUL".
Completion of charging
Charge completion is indicated when the Charge Status LED
stops blinking and illuminates continuously (green). The digital
display will also show a "FUL" message. The charger has
stopped charging and switched to Maintenance mode.
Maintenance mode
Once charging is complete, the charger will automatically
go into Maintenance mode (also known as float mode
monitoring). In this mode, the charger keeps the battery
fully charged by delivering a small amount of current,
when necessary, to keep the battery at peak charge. This
process will keep for around 1 hour, and after that, the
digital display will show you "FUL", and the DC clamps will
automatically out of power.
Reverse polarity protection
If the cables are incorrectly connected to the battery, the
reverse polarity indicator will illuminate. Note, the charger will
not begin charging if the reverse polarity indicator is lit.
Battery reconditioning mode
If a battery is left discharged for an extended period of time,
it could become sulphated, unable to accept a charge.

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